The Grand Old Party and 2016 US Presidential Election

Who will challenge Hilary Clinton in the 2016 general election from the republican isle is still not clear. Perhaps by naming Hilary as the Presidential candidate for 2016 is presumptuous because Vice President Joe Biden could also be a very strong candidate. But the question is who will be the Republican Party nominee for the White House because in America the politicians are always in a perpetual motion to fight elections, especially the congressional candidates. Every two years they have to fight elections and it is hard enough to keep the other party candidate at bay but also fend off potential candidates from within the party can be very exhausting and very expensive. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on elections from congressional to Senate races and the mother of all elections, held every four years. It is hard to believe that Americans are poor because the amount of uncontrollable money which is spent during the time of elections can perhaps be used for nobler purpose. But then again, what can be nobler than to grease the wheels of democracy. Bottom line, the American primaries and elections is one good yarn.

But I am deviating from the main topic and the question still remains who will challenge Hilary in 2016. This is as far as I am concerned, is merely an academic exercise, but an interesting one at that. In 2012 the Republican Party had to go through a very difficult and long primary during which a number of candidates threw their hats in the race and some of them were smart and some borderline comical, like Texas Governor Rick Perry (who by the way has recently started wearing glasses to look smart), Michele Bachmann a former congresswomen from Minnesota who has no sense of history, former Senator Rick Santorum, business man Herman Cain ending with Congressman Ron Paul and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. I believe Donald Trump also thought about jumping in but decided not to. How fun that would have been? But the eventual winner was Mitt Romney who simply outspent all the other candidates. Would 2016 be the same? It is quite possible.

But let’s just get back to 2014 and check some of the promising Republican candidates who are vying to get the Republican Party nomination. The people who are most likely to contest are Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman and 2012 Republican Vice president Nominee Paul “Iron Man” Ryan, Senator Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum and quite possibly Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. From someone who has never been to America this is my honest assessment of possible candidates from the Republican Party.

I do not have access to most American news networks on television except CNN and from what I read online from the leading news websites like the Huffington Post. But one thing is certain, there will be no women candidate who will win the republican nomination for 2016.

No Women Candidates

Let us just assume for a moment that a women candidate has won the Republican Party nomination for2016. But, who shall it be?Michele Bachmann, current governor of South Carolina Nikki Haleyor Sarah Palin who just recently launched her own internet channel “The Sarah Palin Channel”.

At present I do not see any woman within the Republican Party, matching the intellect of Hilary Clinton.The women mentioned above do not stand a chance against Hilary. However Sarah Palin has grown as a politician and will run in either 2020 to 2024 because she has time and more importantly she is not in active politics right now, hence when the time will come she can say that she is an outsider. But right now she will not pick a fight with Hilary because she will not last a single round. With regards to Nikki Haley she does not have national appeal and Michele Bachmann needs a serious lesson in history.  So we can rule out any women candidate winning the Republican Nomination.

Though this article is about the possible candidates for GOP Ticket for the office of the President, but somehow I find it impossible not to mention Hilary Clinton. Imagine if Palin or Bachmann would have to debate her. Frankly, she is just out of their league! She is a remarkable speaker and has brilliant analytical mind. She is more than capable when it comes to talking about the domestic problems and when it comes to internationalaffairs, it is safe to assume very few people will be able to match her in the Republican Party, male or female.

Fracture, fractions and why extreme ideology will not work

If we look at the Republican line up, the party is divided into two factions, the establishment i.e. the Grand Old Party (GOP) and then there is the Tea Party which has many members leaning a little too close to the right which has a huge potential to ruin the party’s chances. It is as if there is no place for a moderate Republican within the party anymore. I think almost all the candidates are against issues like immigration, gun control, abortion and same sex marriages to name a few.

In my opinion it will be very difficult for a Republican politician to take an extreme stand and win the Presidential Election because this is for the highest office in America and the idea is to bring people of all walks of life together. The hard stand against emigration, gun control and gay marriage has taken its toll. Also America as a nation is becoming more liberal in its mind set and the aversion to same sex marriage is slowly diminishing.

Just over 50 years ago, the democrats in South were staunch segregationist also known as Dixicrats and were for segregation. But then The Democratic Party simply changed after John F Kennedy became president. But the Republican Party has only become more conservative from a religious stand and when politicians like Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz taking extreme stand against abortion which is important to women without even a reasonable compromise or a dialog, they lose votes. Also moderate conservative republican politicians who have served loyally for years like Senator Lindsey Graham are marginalized and support for aspiring politicians with extreme views are gaining ground. Bottom line the Republican Party at present is suffering due to polarization and its blind Predisposition to Religion.

How to deal with Hilary

Who-so-ever will face Hilary better be prepared with issues which matter. There are few Republican politicians who have some good idea and if implemented to policy can do well for America. But if attacked at personal level she will not show any mercy. She rarely shows her claws but since this will be her last ditch attempt at the White House, she will not spare any tricks. One would have to stick to policy and decisions made by her and the Obama Administration because mistakes have been made. The Republican will not forget Benghazi and the failed Obama care website (but it now seems to be serving its purpose). Since she is part of the Democratic Party, it will be very interesting how she gets herself away from the current administrations mistakes because no rival will talk about the others achievements.

They should wait and pounce on mistakes that she and her campaign make because this election will be bigger than ever. It has often been said if only men voted in election in America the Republican Party will win all the time. The Republican Party has to target women and has to take stand where one can reach a common middle ground. She is also very popular with the young and the minorities so they need to be targeted.

The Republican Party must be very weary of Hilary Clinton who has for so long persevered under tremendous domestic problems due to her husband’s extracurricular activities and still emerge stronger and adamantly focused. However the upcoming midterm election will be the signal of how the 2016 presidential elections fares