After delay after delay, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) finally held its much awaited draw which was streamed live on the internet. Now over 10 lac applicants will be holding their breath to see if they have managed to get lucky and win a house in Delhi because normally it would be impossible to buy a house in Delhi since the property prices are so high.

Also for a change the DDA introduced a new rule wherein if a flat is allotted to anyone, they cannot sell the house for the next 5 years which ensured many people not apply because normally people hoped to get lucky and then cell the DDA build houses for nice profit. So this time all the houses are meant for those people who actually need affordable housing. Mind you, some of the houses are prized well over Rs 60 lac and some nearly and over 10 million rupees.

The biggest people to gain from all this will be the actual middle class since most houses are build for low income groups and for those who want a bit more plush and room to spread their legs, there are the Middle Income Group (MIG) and for the high rollers the High Income Group (HIG) which is beyond most people’s reach. Now all one has to do is wait and see if they have gotten lucky and the dream to own a house in the capital of India will ever become true.