Growing Chinese Submarine Power giving India Strategic Nightmare

According to Reuters news agency India is making very quick stride to improve its aging submarine fleet which is plagued with technical problem and has been neglected for a very long time and according to former Navy chief Arun Prakash “We should be worried the way we have run down our submarine fleet. But with China bearing down on us, the way it is on the Himalayas, the South China Sea and now the Indian Ocean, we should be even more worried.”

The submarine fleet in India has long been neglected due to lack of initiative from the government and red tape and because of this we now have a very ageing fleet which is no match to China. The submarines have always played a pivotal role in many a conflict and are the unsung heroes of military. Just a few weeks ago Chinese submarines docked in Sri Lanka which is too close a comfort for India. The current government has taken some quick steps to reestablish balance by placing new orders for submarines but it will take a long time for India to match with China.

The growing clout of China to take full control of South China Sea and in the Indian Ocean has caused worry to many nations in this region and many countries are fast trying to build their own submarine fleet.