Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Baldness is perhaps one of the worst nightmares for men after erectile dysfunction. Ask a man to choose between losing hair and losing his vitality, he will defiantly choose vitality. But Baldness is still a huge problem for men. It is not a nice feeling when you start to lose hair because suddenly everything about you changes and you are on the “Receding End of all the Jokes” (Pun Intended). Thanks to Pfizer introducing Viagra a lot of men took a sigh of relief, but the question of the next medical breakthrough with regards to hair loss is still a top priority and boy what happens if there is a pill developed to fight baldness?

So how to go about it? What sort of technology is at present available to help men since baldness is a problem primarily associated with men? The number one solution which is out there right now is Hair Transplant. This process has been used since the 1950es, but it is being extensively used these days by many men. Cosmetic surgery is no longer a woman’s domain because men can be as insecure as woman (maybe more). All women want to look beautiful, so do men.  Baldness can rob a man’s confidence and turn a perfectly normal man into an insecure nitwit. They say the most important quality one should hope for is intelligence, but it is one attribute which most of the time is not visible to the naked eye and appearance can mean a lot these days.

A crown gets its due when we add a diadem as is the scenario in today’s context. The world of fashion and inclination towards getting something that is in vogue compels men or women to compete with each other. If the adoration commences from any of the body part that starts with HAIR. It is proven that an attractive person is more likely to succeed at work than someone who is not and to top it up with hair loss can be very challenging. People are no longer making fun of a man who would go to a salon and get all sorts of skin and other treatments. The taboo is lost in time and men are more frequently visiting such establishment (SPA) which has culminated into a huge business worth billions of dollars. Cosmetic companies spend a lot of money in advertisements also these days and hair loss treatment is on the top of the list.

If someone wants to go for a hair transplant procedure, one must think it over very seriously because on one hand the possibility of hair growth is very appealing which can do wonders to one’s confidence. But there are other problems which may arise due to the procedure. So one must consult a doctor before taking the step for hair transplantation procedure. Make sure the surgeon analyzes your scalp, discusses your preference and expectations. You must be clear with best possible approach which should fulfill your need. You can either go for a single session or multiple sessions. Pre-operative folliscopy will help you to know the actual existing density of hair, so that postoperative results of newly transplanted hair grafts can be accurately assessed. Doctors would possibly recommend some with preoperative topical minoxidil application and vitamins which could prove beneficial.

Get a complete health check up done for yourself and you can also ask your doctor for any particular test which may be required. A few days before surgery the patient must use any medicines which might result in intraoperative bleeding and resultant poor "take" of the grafts. Alcohol and smoking do contribute to poor graft survival and that is a medical fact. Post operative antibiotics are commonly prescribed to prevent wound or graft infections.

Also there could be side effects like Haemorrhage and infections, Temporary thinning of hair, Itching, Cysts, Swelling, bleeding, pain and Numbness. By getting a through medical checkup done you can prevent many of these symptoms. Also make sure the clinic where you decide to get the procedure done has a good reputation. Also many pharmaceutical companies are investing in finding better cure for baldness and one day may end the cosmetic, medical, and surgical treatment method which is currently in use. Research is being done to include some new treatment methods such as hair follicle cloning and gene therapy, both of which are methods that have the potential to actually "cure" inherited pattern baldness permanently. But for now hair transplant is the best way forward.

In India hair transplant business is booming with many clinics offering variety of services at competitive cost so it is quite possible cheaper the offer bad the service. There is nothing wrong in making yourself feel better because if cosmetic surgery like hair transplant is used within reason and logic it is truly a wonderful gift for men who have longed suffered from this aliment. However be careful and select your Surgeon carefully and remember there are no short cuts and results vary from person to person.