Friends of yesterday, enemies of today, this is what is happening right now within the Aam Aadmi Party.  The accusations and counter accusations have reached a fever pitch so as of now Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav and few other mentionable have been thrown out of the party’s powerful National Executive team and few more prominent members like Medha Patkar resigning from the Party.

Just a while ago one would see Yogendra Yadav every night defend his party head Arvind Kejriwal to the hilt in various news programs and almost labeled him as the next “Messiah” of Indian politics.

C'est la vie.

Politics makes strange bedfellows but the camaraderie enjoyed between Kejriwal & Yadav was more of a fairytale. There was nothing strange about them at all. One was a former Income tax officer known for his crusade against corruption and the latter an eminent scholar and philologist whose eloquent analysis of election results in Hindi and English was worth listening to.

What happened? How come this party which not only received a full majority in the Delhi Assembly election this February but in that process thumped the BJP and erased Congress Party from Delhi Political scene end up in such a squabble.

How in god’s name a man like Arvind Kejriwal who showed outmost calm during election time when he was attacked from all four corners get completely downright and dirty with his use of language. Now if the benefit of the doubt is given to Arvind Kejriwal and let us just say it was momentary lapse of judgment or a rush of blood due to fit of rage, how things got degenerated to such levels is simply amazing.


Stings and more stings! The AAP has had more sting operations against them then if you stick your hand into a beehive and get stung by actual bees. It seems there is lack of trust and the sudden power surge which many of its leaders received after the Delhi results has gone to their heads.

People recording conversations which is illegal and using it as a means to an end to pull each other down shows the level of dysfunction this party is going through right now. Usually these things happen after a few years but APP has always been a trend setter and has shown it too can stoop as low as any other political parties in India but only a little quicker.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March has certainly arrived and this show has essence of the classic William Shakespeare’s Julies Cesar, Macbeth, Hamlet and Othello. So what it means is this saga has honor, deceit, confusion and suspicion.

For those who have not read these classics then I take a note from the film Sholay and this unfortunate bickering has all the making of Comedy, Drama, Emotions, Melodrama and Tragedy.

One man show

If the opposition called Kejriwal various names his own party collogues are now calling him a dictator who wants absolute control of the party and suffers from cult of personality which is not unnatural in Indian Politics. Even today many political parties depend upon just one leader to keep hold of things but with AAP the expectation was different. They stood for function in a dysfunctional Indian Political system. But it is now clear even they have fallen prey to the age old truth of who gets to wield the magic wand of absolute power or maybe the worst is still to come.

They say when there is confusion there is opportunity and in this mudslinging match which the opposition (Particularly the BJP) must be thoroughly enjoying it right now and baiting for time to make their move. But the real loser is going to be the people and it should come as a surprise to the disenfranchised people of Delhi if the ruling party splits and we are again faced with divisive politics.

The people of Delhi deserve better and all this sideshow has done is hijack the agenda of progress which has left this city and its people caught right in the middle political malpractice and despondency. People hoped AAP would be the change which they claimed to be but alas that is not meant to be. In the noise of power grabbing the voice of Aam Aadmi is now lost and if these are the things to come, the next five years will see this city slide further down the abyss of hopelessness.