India To Counter String Of Pearls With Mausam

On the eve of Chinese President Xi Jinping maiden visit to India, the Government is all set to launch a very assertive foreign policy to maintain India’s hegemony over the Indian Ocean Region, according to Times of India. In the last ten years India has been mare spectators while it quietly saw and let the China grow its influence all around India what has been described as the String of Pearls, but by implementing “MAUSAM” it will help revive the old maritime routes. The title of this project is Maritime Routes and Cultural Landscapes Across the Indian Ocean

With China deeply involved in developing ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka which is being presumed only for civilian purpose could very well allow the Chinese to take full operational control in the future? It was the right move to visit some of our South Eastern neighbors like Vietnam by foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and according to one senior government official "India is the founding member of the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium as well as Contact Group on Piracy. The Indian Navy commenced antipiracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden and the sea routes of the Indian Ocean in 2008. India has started cooperating with Maldives and Sri Lanka on maritime security in trilateral format since October 2011."

This initiative has been devised to counter China’s "maritime silk road" proposal which many of our Indian Ocean neighbors are finding very interesting. This project is a look back into our naval history and the routes that our past sea fearing people took. If we look back in our history one would see the exploits of Raja Raja Chozhan I and how far he managed to reach with is navy. How many countries we did business with and this Mausam project is nothing but understanding our own past and what it could mean for us in future.