India To Receive Above Average Monsoon In 2016

According to latest form Reuters News India is all set to receive above average monsoon for 2016. According to a senior weather official. Rains in 2016 would be 106% of the long-term average, said the official at India Meteorological Department, ahead of an official forecast due out later in the day.

The monsoon rains could be above average, as the El Nino weather pattern, which can lead to dry spells in South Asia, is gradually fading and giving way to La Nina, the official said. This news will certainly ease fears over farm and economic growth after two straight droughts hit rural incomes and agricultural output.

According to Indian Meteorological Department Director General Laxman Singh Rathore said"Monsoon will be 106 percent of the long period average (LPA). There is 94 percent probability that monsoon will be normal to excess this year. By and large, there will be fair distribution of monsoon across the country. But North-East India and South-East India, particularly Tamil Nadu, may get slightly less than normal rainfall." Director Rathore further said drought-hit Marathwada is also likely to receive "good" rainfall, in 2016.

Indian agriculture sector contributes 15 per cent to India's GDP and employs about 60 per cent of the country's population and this will most certainly be very good news for our beleaguered farmers.