India Is Resolute With China On One-India Policy

India has made it very clear to China, it remains committed to one-India Policy and external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said "For India to agree to a one-China policy, China should reaffirm a one-India policy," according to Times of India.

She further added "When they raised with us the issue of Tibet and Taiwan, we shared their sensitivities. So, we want they should understand and appreciate our sensitivities regarding Arunachal Pradesh." Also during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping's to India later this month, it is expected the Modi Government will also raise the issue of frequent violation of India’s border by Chinese Army in Arunachal Pradesh.

Ms. Swaraj also reiterated that the relationship between India and China is that of "competition and cooperation" and the visit will be "substantial and solid." The Chinese had raised the issue of Prime Minister’s Modi’s speech in Japan were he talked about expansionism, which the Chinese thought was directed towards them but Ms. Swaraj categorically stated that the remarks were not directed towards a country. Ms. Swaraj said "There are 18th-century-style ways and thinking that involve expanding (geographically) by taking away the land of another nation and going into seas."

This forthcoming meeting between President XI Jinping and Prime Minster Narendra Modi will be very crucial, because it would give a clear signal of how the relationship between the two nations will shape in the future. Also the two leaders will probably discuss the situation in Pakistan where President Xi was supposed to visit but cancelled due to the current unrest. Also the situation in Afghanistan could also be discussed were the Americans are winding down their long drawn occupation.

China and India are the great powers of Asia and it would be futile if both the counties get into an unnecessary squabble instead become equal partners in trade and Geopolitical security because the threat of terrorism is also spreading into China with reports of Chinese men fighting for Islamic State.