India Test Fires Long Range Agni-IV

India has again successfully test-fired its nuclear-capable long range strategic ballistic missile Agni-IV, with a strike range of about 4000 km, from a test range off the Odisha coast as per reports fromPress Trust of India. The missile was test at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) facility in Balasore Odisha and after this successful test the next step will be to enter the coveted Inter Continental Ballistic Missile fraternity which we are still to achieve.

The test was supervised by the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) so that they have all the technical knowhow. This is a highly sophisticated missile with advanced avionics and sensors which has made this missile very accurate. The Missile is supported by latest Ring Laser Gyro based Inertial Navigation System (RINS) and supported by highly reliable redundant Micro Navigation System (MINGS) which gives this missile its lethal accuracy.

Already the Indian armed forces have in its arsenal Agni-I, II and III and Prithvi but once all the test phase is finished and Agni IV is inducted into full service India will have more deterrence which it so badly needs. Fired from near the Chinese border this Missile is capable of hitting targets deep within mainland China.