India test fired its indigenous sub-sonic cruise Missile Nirbhay from its test site Chandipur near Balasore according to reports from Press Trust of India. This missile has a strike range of 700 Km and an operational range of 1000 km and it is capable of carrying nuclear warheads and this is an all weather stealth and high accuracy cruise missile. This missile is 6 meters long and weighs one tone. Also this missile has and has multiple manoeuvres, loitering feature which means, once fired it can target and perform several manoeuvres and then re-engage the target.

Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) official said "The missile was test-fired from a mobile launcher positioned at launch pad 3 of the Integrated Test Range at about 10.03 hours," and "Flight details will be available after data retrieved from radars and telemetry points, monitoring the trajectories, are analyzed."

But the most important feature is, this missile can be fired from multiple platforms which means once fully developed all the branches of the Indian Military will have working and mobile cruise missile at their disposal which means the Army can launch this missile from a vehicle, for the Air Force Nirbhay will designed to be launched from Su-30MKI Air Superiority Fighter which means the range of this deadly and accurate missile increases by factor of 3.

The Navy can launch from its frigates and destroyers, like the latest Kolkata Class destroyers INS Kolkata and in future from Submarine which again increases the range of this missile by a very long margin. Nirbhay will give the Indian armed forces a tactical advantage as a first strike weapon and secondary response in case we are attacked with nuclear missiles.

We can soon expect a missile test from Pakistan which will fire one of its proliferated missiles based on the designs acquired from either North Korea or China to show its strength for strike capability. Already Pakistan is involved in developing tactical nuclear warheads and cruise missile delivery method capable of avoiding Indian radars. One can expect the news of Nirbhay missile test by India will be treated with rhetoric and irresponsible statements which will be made by Pakistani politicians and the army in coming hours to serve their own purpose.