Kerala Is Now Dry

In a blow to Kerala bar owners, the high court on Thursday upheld the ban on liquor in the state, in view of the state government's revised abkari policy. Justice K Surendra Mohan pronounced the verdict this afternoon as per reports from Times of India.

Kerala is one of the most preferred destinations for tourist and for many in India, but with this order things could significantly slow down for the tourism industry due to limited sale of liquor to five star hotels and government owned retail stores selling alcoholic beverages.

This move to ban liquor is seen as political in many quarters but since the state of Kerala has the highest consumption rate for alcohol, may be this could be seen as proactive move by the government to cut down this vise. However the state exchequer wills certainly going to find things very difficult due to drop in revenue as it amounts to 9000 Crores. Also several bars that have thrived in Kerala might lose so much business that they could close the doors and due to this a lot of people who work in these bars and hotels will lose their jobs.

This policy has been branded as discriminatory by the lawyer of the bar owners plus what the state might now have to deal would be bootlegging which would create law and order problem in the state because it would be illegal to carry alcohol from a different state. How this will be implemented remains to be seen because in the past whenever a state in India banned the sale of alcohol or decided to put under control the illegal sale of these so called beverages has always increased and enforcing the rule of the law extremely difficult and complicated for law enforcement officials.