Kiss Of Love Strike The Nation’s Capital

What prompted a group of students to kiss publicly is what everyone is asking and many in our country who for their lack of awareness think this is insane. However the reason why this Kiss of Love is springing in autumn is very simple. Unbridled and uncontrollable vigilantism by the political rightwing of this country who firmly believe it is their right to protect the culture of this great nation. Now it seems when it comes to cultural and moral policing all rightwing group of all religion tend to join forces that are generally on the opposite spectrum often due to religious issues. But enough is enough we the people must take a stand and fight for our rights and not allow these goons to dictate how we should live our lives. This Kiss of Love Movement is a direct manifestation of the sick grip rightwing groups have over this country and the impunity in which they are allowed to flourish.

Now let us see how different the kiss of love protesters behave and how our moral police behave. Has there been even a single incident of violence and destruction of public or private property attributed to them. The answer is zero. Whenever our friendly neighborhood moral police go out on petrol duty, they brazenly indulge in violence and attack young boys and girls and justify their action as it is their sacred duty to protect women and our culture. They will attack newspapers and news networks if anything is written or spoken against them and call it a liberal conspiracy or call it Pseudo Secularism which ever suites then at that juncture.

Couple of days back the Kiss of Love movement stuck the nation’s capital were students from JNU decided to protest in front of the RSS headquarters which isthe Bastian of protecting Hindu Culture.Now there is nothing wrong in protecting ones culture and heritage but with rightwing organisation like the Hindu Sena, Bajrang Dal, VHP the only response is violence which is sadly encouraged. Now the same goes for all religious rightwing group of all religion.

Usually those young and upstanding boys who take part in this unlawful civil action led by an elder are not that educated and can be easily manipulated. Also they are socially awkward and have difficulty communicating with women which in reality they want to do. They also want a girlfriend to go out and watch a movie and then enjoy a meal in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. But since most girls have the right sense to ignore such boys, they get frustrated and the outcome is violence.

Why such movements make these narrow-minded delinquents so nervous?  These young boys and girls are not going to destroy this nation. They are not going to sell state secrets. Then why this hostility towards these believers in free speech and non violence. All they ask is to live their law abiding life on their terms. Who gave these social contractors of morals the right to dictate their will by means of violence and threats and why no actions are ever taken against them? Just check the internet and one would find cases after cases of violent acts committedby such groups.

One thing is certain the rightwing groups are overly sensitive and anything could stirrup emotions. Be it a film or paintings by an artist and books which are thought provoking. Their sensitivities always get hurt very quickly and the only way of expression is through uncontrolled violence which is often supported by our politicians regardless of which party they belong to for their own gain. The liberal ideals on which this country was formed is being slowly but surely hijacked by these bottom dwelling Neanderthals who show no respect for life, liberty and freedom of expression.