Know Your English

Surprisingly, majority of qualified people who cross all the levels of selection are disqualified when the interview round begins. Not only this, you would find many people scaring the name of interview. Why? What is real scary about the interview thing?


It is difficult because we are weak in language, vocabulary and communication. Even after knowing everything, we find ourselves unable to express our thoughts freely.  We get short of words or confidence or ideas. Whatever it may be, things turn against us due to poor display of ourselves. The real problem is our education system. There is nothing wrong with interviews or questions, it is just that we are taught to learn, to grasp things rather than understand the concept.

Gone are the days when Hindi medium schools were considered competent and equally influential. Now, English has become a culture, rather a necessity in India. We judge people by the language they speak. A Hindi speaking genius feels himself worthless in front of a fluent English speaking person. Why has language become a judging criteria in our education? This is exasperating.

A child born in China speaks Chinese and learns everything in the same mother tongue throughout his life. His language is his strength. But what we Indians do?  A child who is utterly efficient in Hindi from his childhood is taught a different language. The entire focus of his schooling is on English as a medium of language. And yet, you’ll find most of the Indian students lacking in the mode of communication. Startling!! The language you focused on your entire life is what you are still weak in. This is because of the manner in which the language is taught to pupils. The education system here focuses on the words and their meaning. Here is a fact: English is one of the largest language in terms of number of words. It has around 200000 words.  So just think for a while, how are you going to memorise the meaning of all the words. After all, we are humans not robots.

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There is a branch of language called etymology. It is a way of working on the origin and root of words to derive the actual meaning. By this, you just don’t learn a word, but multitude of words. It develops your horizon and it is scientifically proved that the people who are good at language has a better understanding of context and are, therefore, able to work in a better way.

Hence, there has to be a shift in teaching methodology. Enough of following the old orthodox method, people must be aware of what needs to be done in order to get the maximum in the least possible time. When you are learning something, then why not learn it completely.

It is true that we lack in English not because of grammatical understanding, but because of vocabulary. Let us build our vocabulary to an extent where we feel confident enough of expressing everything and anything without a second thought. Work it out, and you’ll experience miraculous changes around you and in you- your personality and confidence will reach a fever pitch high level.