Let Us Claim Our Inner Kalam

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”

APJ Abdul Kalam

Enough has already been written some might say, about President Kalam, but I say the more we write, the more we talk and most importantly remember his ideas and vision, the better our lives and the lives of our countrymen would be. I was very hesitant to write about this unassuming man who I have the misfortune of never meeting in person or even just have glimpse of his silhouette. But an encouragement from an old schoolmate of mine, gave me a renewed strength to write or maybe it was just divine intervention.

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done

On 27th July 2015 our own Missile Man, Bharat Ratna and former President of our Republic, APJ Abdul Kalam passed away the way I suppose he always intended, which was interacting with future generation of Indians. Is it possible he timed his own death? We will never know but what will always remain alive with us are his ideas which I hope we are able to keep ignited for decades to come. It might be blasphemy to call President Kalam a prophet but he was a poet and a philosopher who gave our country a firm footing in international arena through his rockets so we may never be bullied again.

If pre-independent India had Mahatma Gandhi, the post-independent India had Kalam and we were all fortunate enough to witness and watch greatness walk among us mortal beings. I am not trying to turn Kalam into a god or even a demigod because he would not like it. The fact is he was more human than most of us which is in itself more divine.

To say, he rose from a humble background to becoming the President of India, has got be an understatement of the century, he was a lot more! His achievements are unparalleled in the history of post independent India. This is testament to fact, it is still possible to reach the highest office in our country through hard work, dedication, honesty and he proved it.

The example he set on how to go about serving the country must put to shame almost all politicians who are only interested in two things. How to get elected and how much they can steal from the public. But the wealth accumulated by President Kalam was not money; it was the everlasting love, admiration and his sincere service to the people of our country which makes him stand out in his own virtue. Alas! Our politicians have a skin which is thicker than any armor with no consciousness which made them impervious to compassion but not him.

Never did he misuse his position or the power he wielded, in fact he has made sincerity and humbleness synonymous to his name. It would not be wrong to ask our so called VVIP’s to act ‘KALAM’.

But that is a bridge too far.