In the troubled state of Chhattisgarh the deadly Maoists stuck again and left a trail of 13 dead CRPF securities personal in its wake as per latest reports from Times of India. This attack was one of the most deadly and calibrated attacks on security forces in recent times and it are high time this issue is addressed. In the reports it was mentioned that the Naxals used the local population as shield and then led the charge.

Among the 13 dead were two officers and 11 Jawans. This type of attack is not uncommon and has taken place many times which has consumed the lives of many brave solders. Last month they attacked a Indian Air Force Helicopter which was there to evacuate wounded personal to hospital. But today’s attack has to be considered one of the deadliest and it is time the government took some strict measures. Since the Maoists do not believe in talking and want to over through our secular democracy set up.

Not so long ago former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the Maoists “most serious internal threat to India's national security.” The lives of our Solders are very important and also the Maoists have sophisticated weaponry at their disposal and many times our security forces lack the punch which they deserve in a fire fight. It is high time the need for advanced night vision goggles and better armor is provided to these men who put their lives on the line everyday for us.