Materialism Overloaded

Does reputation come to those who have money in hand? Is money something so big that it can define a person’s actual kindness and affection? Why is the growing trend completely in favour of rich-people leading the road?

Right from the time we take birth on this planet, we are expected to follow good activities, to care, to love affectionately and become a praise-worthy human being. Even in the schools and educational institutions, we learn and know people who have sacrificed their lives and luxuries for the well-being of other individuals. We admire soft-hearted people, not money. No doubt, we are told that money is the necessity and we have to be able and stand on our own legs, but there it is no denying the fact that social virtues are what we really inculcate.

 We have innumerable examples of large hearted people who have gained another level of recognition. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi, Sunderlal Bahugana and Martin Luther King stand as great examples showing how good deeds help us grow and make our work count, motivating lives and inspiring people.

But today the trend has slightly changed and made our lives entirely different from what it was. The humans have become quite materialistic and are running after money. The rich are appreciated and kept good relations with. I don’t advocate that rich people are dishonest or inhuman. I am just against the view of judging people based on their income or wealth. Perhaps, there are better solid parameters to judge that.

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People who have money with them attract the society. We tend to include them in our friends circle, be in their company and listen to their advice. Their words are golden and their activities are trend setters. This is what the general phenomenon of today is.

When I ponder over the situation, it startles me immensely. I mean, how and why we have turned so materialistic and money-minded that other things cease to exist in our mind. Believe me or not, the race to earn and maintain our so-called-standards has taken a toll on people’s happiness. When money has become such a judgemental criteria, then how can even a single percentage of people become remain happy in adjusting with their lives.

When the brand of our clothes matter more than the sincerity and love we show upon others, then sooner or later the love is deemed to die.


The change is big, and definitely it is no easy to define what led to this change. People blame globalisation, westernisation and the increasing show-up of people. But, are these the sole reason.

According to me, the greed and never-satisfying hearts of people are leading to this change. Inside every individual, there is a greedy side which is showing its true colours. I am not blaming anyone, but just because of this trending world many people are committing crimes and choosing wrong path. The lunacy to match with the social standards of all is leading to such a bitter change.


Being rich, earning money is definitely good and an appreciable task. You spend more, you earn more and your life becomes more joyful. But do remember, money alone cannot buy happiness. We need the support and love of near and dear ones to enjoy our life and cherish each and every moment. So earn with full dedication and hard work, use your talent and capabilities to make your life ever enthralling, but not at the cost of losing people who value in your life.

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Let your standard of living boost like a skyrocket, but carry humanity, love, care and sympathy while flying along. That is just the best combination.