Modi All Set For His U.S Trip Amid Tension On Our Eastern Border

Indian  Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be travelling to the United States for a 5 days visit which many people in both countries call  as one of the most important meeting between India and America amid the growing tension on our Eastern border where China has been brazenly been violating our border.

Mr. Modi leaves on 25th September with a large contingent of Indian Businessmen, just as he did to his trip to Japan. He will also be addressing the United Nations General Assembly and will meet the President of the U.S in the White House.

This trip is important because India needs a lot of investment in various sectors to kick start the economy and also a deeper defense tie with America which is much needed due to a very aggressive China.

While he will be in America he will meet several politicians including quite possibly the future Democratic Party Presidential Nominee for 2016 Hilary Clinton. He will also meet former President Bill Clinton who is hosting the 10th anniversary of Clinton Global Initiative where the who’s who of Business and political world attend every year.

In the midst of all, he will also face a lot of protest from various organizations like the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) who plan to hold a black flag when PM Modi will address a gathering of twenty thousand people in Madison Square Garden. These protests will be held because of the Gujarat riots which happened in 2002 when Mr. Modi was Chief Minister of that state and many still hold him responsible.

But during all these meetings there will be one strange twist, Mr. Modi has been observing the nine day Navrartri fast which is a very holy experience for many Hindus. So it will be very interesting how his hosts will deal with this situation and more importantly how the Obama’s and the White House will tackle this issue.