Modi’s Honeymoon Period Continues

Ever since Narendra Modi has taken over the office of Prime Minister, he has set a record of travelling to foreign countries. He has had successful visit to Brazil, Bhutan, Nepal, Japan and America, so far. He also plans to visit Myanmar, Australia and china by the end of this year. This makes Mr. Modi one of the most travelled Indian Prime Minister in a span of just over five months after taking office and there is still two months to go. Also he has managed to win crucial state election in Maharashtra and Haryana and also he had to face two natural calamities, one in south east and one in the volatile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Now critics can take a fine comb and go through all the decisions Modi and his cabinet has made and come up with several mistakes and yes mistakes have been made, but nothing drastic to stop the momentum of ending the “Honeymoon Period.”

But first let us look into the foreign policy side.

Narendra Modi has taken active foreign policy to new levels which we have not pursued in a long time. India as a nation has lot to offer and by travelling to all these nations, most of which are our neighbors gives a strong signal of a resurgent India. He has also received heads of state of two very influential nations, China and Australia and has managed to negotiate complex deals and agreements.

No one can call Modi a backwater politician because he has proved his foreign policy credentials or he has the good scene to listen to experts. A politician may be highly educated and well versed in international diplomacy but still require policy advisors and it seems he is clearly listening to them. It is always important to talks to major powers, but the attention given to India’s long neglected neighbors was perhaps the most important domestic foreign policy decision he has ever made.

The visit to Bhutan and Nepal was more important than any other visit elsewhere because China was gaining significant track in all these nations and ignoring them would have costs us dearly.

Domestic front.

They say politics is perception and when people see a young American President climbing stairs quickly, it gives people hope that their leader is vibrant. Modi some may argue is not be as swift as Obama, but if that is the case he has more than compensated it with his suave. He has managed to generate new energy into the country which has given the people a renewed optimism which was not there in the last five years. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is man more intellectually gifted then Mr. Modi and no one will ever contest that. But what we require now is a real politician and Modi has done exactly that or he has managed to portray that. Either way it has worked.

The defeat in the by-elections is now but a memory and the thumping victory in Maharashtra and Haryana has again proven he is still carrying his momentum from the general election victory. How long this will continue totally depends on how well he manages his political underlings and how much non partisan politics he will commit himself to.