The need for Monuments for our Leaders

When Jawaharlal Nehru became India’s 1st Prime Minister in 1947 he used to reside at Teen Murthi Bhawan which was originally built by the British as the residence for its highest military officer in India. Now after independence this sprawling piece of real estate became the official home of Pundit Nehru and when he died in 1964, it became his mausoleum.

Each house or bungalow in the Lutyens Zone is a real estate paradise for anyone and when you can get your hands on it for free which seldom happens for many of our politicians, it would be insane for them to give it all up. I mean just look how centrally it is based with 24 hour water and electricity and the best security one could hope for all at the expense of poor old me, i.e. Indian citizens.

Now after Nehru died this 30 acre land became a temple and overnight this magnificent building which has the capacity to be the office of Prime Minister was turned into a museum. Why? Because we like to devote edifices to our beloved leaders. So why Lalu yadav and Ajit Singh be any different! So he lost an election, and Lalu Yadav was convicted for corruption. What right do we have to ask them to evict. Though after much drama Ajit Singh did leave but Lalu Prasad Yadav is politician of different caliber. However this time he just might lose because he simply has no excuse. His health is fine and I am sure his grandchildren will get admission in good schools in Patna.

So if this is the trend then give one bungalow to Kanshi Ram, after all he managed to start a political party from scratch and became a great leader on his own right. But then again Mayawati as already did enough for him and by the looks of it for herself.

So, how about M.G. Ramachandran the matinee idol from South and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?

How about N.T. Rama Rao as this man was practically a “Demi God” in Andhra Pradesh? Next Mulayum Singh Yadav, well he is not dead but let’s not waste any time and book a bungalow in Lutyens right now.

What about Atal Bihari Vajpayee?

And then there is Sonia Gandhi.  The 10 Race Course Road is the official and permanent residence of the Nehru Gandhi Clan. The house Indira Gandhi was assassinated is also a mausoleum. So, technically the said family owns the largest piece of real estate in the most prized location in our capital.

The question is when will this madness end? Are our politicians not happy with all the money which they have stolen from us? Now they want to hold on to this imperialistic relic which was built on the blood and sweat of our ancestors who were robbed of everything that they had. The money for these “Blood Bungalows” surely did not come out of the pocket of the King of England, but some poor farmer who died of famine.

And our politician hold one to them shamelessly, clinging like rotten limb which should be severed. Funny thing is they do not even have to pay for its upkeep. Also many of our poor politicians do not pay any electricity or water bill because it would be a sin for any money to come out of their pockets.

The British are gone but our leaders conveniently adopted their life style of everything that is fine on the expanse of the poor masses. Ajit Singh was asked to vacate after he lost reelection and he did after much fanfare and Lalu Prasad Yadav who after being convicted for corruption still somehow managed find it impossible to vacate government property and got an extension for over year using his political influence over the last government. It seems for people like Ajit Singh who is perhaps still smarting because he was forced to vacate and Lalu Yadav giving to give up such bungalow is simply not in their pathology. To them it the last vestige of power that they once had and a symbol of authority where they once held court ergo there monument and mausoleum. Bottom line they are freeloaders and if Lalu yadav has an iota of self-respect he must vacate immediately otherwise he is nothing but an illegal squatter and squanderer of our valuable tax.