Over the last 24 hours there has been a decline in firing from Pakistan according to Times of India. A BSF spokesperson said "There was no cross border firing during the intervening night of October 9 and 10 along the International Border in Jammu and Samba districts." Over the last week Pakistan repeatedly violated ceasefire agreement at the international border and after the Indian defense minister made it very clear the action of Pakistani forces will suffer "unaffordable costs" for its "adventurism."

Also Prime Minister Modi did not heed to internal political pressure and gave the Indian Army “free hand” to tackle this situation which has not happened in a very long time. Meanwhile the Pakistan defense minister Khwaja Muhammad Asif said Nuclear Pakistan was fully capable of responding "befittingly" to Indian aggression on the LoC and the international border and "We don't want the situation on the borders of the two nuclear neighbours to escalate into a confrontation. India must demonstrate caution and behave with responsibility."

For the time being Pakistan blames India for this latest provocation and the statement by the Pak defense minister’s statement about a nuclear Pakistan only exacerbated the situation. Also it proved and vindicated Arun Jaitley the Indian defense minister’s stand that the whole action of Pakistan will be an unaffordable cost and now Pakistan has to think of a new way to start a dialogue with India.

However the only victim of this latest farce by Pakistan has been the civilians from both sides and the death of civilians was unwanted and unwarranted by India.

PM Nawaz Sharif is also facing more political trouble for not taking a tougher stand against India and also criticized him for not making a more bold statement. However at this time it seems only PM Sharif has some semblance of thought process and logic. All the other politicians are just trying to make hay before the snow covers the Kashmir border.