On an early Saturday morning today the Pakistani army opened fire using heavy weapons in the RS Pura sector to  target Indian Border Security Force (BSF) but sadly in this uncalled for ceasefire violation 2 civilians on our side lost their lives according to Times of India.

According to a senior police officer " Two villagers, identified as Muhammad Akram and his 13-year-old son Aslam were killed and seven people including Akram's wife, his three children and a BSF constable were injured in heavy firing by the Pakistan rangers in Jodafarm village of RS Pura sector today,"

There is already tension in Pakistan regarding the ongoing protests led by former cricket captain Imran Khan on the Nawaz Sharif and it is very likely there could be a regime change in the near future. All these violation and unprovoked attack on Indian army soldiers and BSF post look certainly like a method of distraction by the Pakistan government to steal attention away from the current and very volatile domestic situation.

These attacks have already forced over 2000 civilians to leave their homes and villages and also as winter approaches more attacks will be carried out. But for now the tension in this area remains very high and the use of heavy weaponry is also very surprising because it is counterproductive unlike the use small arms fire which is very frequent in this border sector.

What actions the center will take in this matter remain to be seen.