Pakistan’s idée fixe for Kashmir and Hatred to India

They say everyone must have a reason to live which is important because it becomes your life’s driving force. But it is also said, not to get too obsessed or you might miss out on other things or sometimes when you achieve your target you feel lost and lonely because there is nothing more left to do. There is a story of boy who grows up to be a man and he spends all his life hating his father. The story goes like this. Once upon a time there was this boy whose father was very hard on him. He would criticize and discourage all the time and even when he got any success, his father would do everything to pull him down.

But his mother was a very kind and loving women who gave her son all the encouragement that he needed and protected him from his father. The boy really loved his mother very much because she was the ray of sunlight and hope. We start to grow and we start to die the moment we are conceived because that is the law of life and the boy grew into a man and was also very successful but the hate and resentment of this father was too overwhelming to let go, so he was never in any stable relationship. His mother wanted him to settle down and have a family of his own so that he may find peace and satisfaction.

But the son could never shake off his dad and the words that deeply wounded him as child which still festered and slowly it ate him away. He let his hate for his father consume him and his mind was poisoned. His mother spoke to him about the power of forgiveness and reconciliation but the boy in him refused to forgive or reconcile with this father. They say the emotional wounds of childhood are perhaps the most difficult human emotion to overcome. As it is the law of life we grow and as we grow we also get old and with old age come mortality.

The boy who was deeply attached to his mother was very sad to learn that she was sick and did not have too much time to live. So he decided to spend more time with her so that he can look after her because he loved her dearly. But his hate for his father ran much deeper than the love for his mother and this was the dilemma her mother had to face near the end of her life. She again asked him and begged him to find love and forgive his father but the boy had gone too far and for him there was no turning back. After few months his loving mother passed away.

At her funeral all the relatives came and hope they would be able to console him because they knew he loved his mother very much. But to their astonishment he showed no grief or even mourned for his mother. No one understood how this man whose mother who loved him so much would not even shed a tear for her. Throughout the funeral he kept quiet, did not cry and once his mother was lowered to the ground he did not wait for a single second and he left. The father though was heartbroken because he loved his wife dearly and was surprised when the son would not even show up for her anniversary.

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Hate had consumed him. All the success he had bought no joy to him. Even the best of compliment would not put a smile on his face. He became cold and distant and started to look much older than his age. People who knew him asked him to reconcile with his father but to no avail. Years went by the hope his mother carried to the grave that her son would one day find happiness never came true. Then the news of his father getting sick reached him. Everyone thought they would finally see him smile or even laugh and celebrate. But what they saw was anger and fear which no one understood. But somewhere deep inside he did.

His father soon died from complication related to old age and grand funeral was arranged. All the relatives who come wanted to see the spectacle of the sun dancing on the grave of his father but what they saw was a reaction which was inconceivable. The boy was inconsolable at his father’s funeral and no one understood. But in the deep abyss of his cold heart the son knew why he was feeling so insufferable. Whatever he did in his life revolved around his father, weather he came first in class or any game he played he had no opponent but just his father who was always his sole focus of attention.

When his father passed away he had no aim in life. Fact is there was no one to hate. If he was miserable his whole life when his father was alive it was lot worse when he passed away. He did not know how to deal with this anger and started lashing out on others who so far he had treated with respect. Soon he became lonely and the few people who would call on him just stopped. He lost his promising job and started to spend more time in his house isolated. But the worst part was he knew his mother was right when she had asked him to find love and embrace forgiveness. But the hate in him was too strong and his end was ignoble.

The story defines the title. Rest is upon you.