Paris Turned Bloody Once Again

All of a sudden, while the world was busy listening to music, dancing in marriages, praying in mosques and temples, preparing for examinations and doing all sorts of daily chores, one piece of news from Paris, France shook the world. The serene place turned bloody one more time; and one more time by the same fanatics, ISIS. Witnesses told the police around fifteen terrorist were there. The group of 15 crazy terrorist have wreathed havoc around the city. They were also to attack a stadium that was holding a friendly match between France and Germany with thousands of fans in the stadium. The match was on and shooting adrenaline shots to the fans which could not linger long as they heard about the failed attempt of terrorist attack to the stadium, the adrenaline turned water. Fans were shocked and scared.

There were back to back six attacks around the city leaving around 128 dead and more than 350 injured with 95 in critical condition. Two restaurants and one concert avenue where people were enjoying hard rock band were targeted along with three other places. ISIS has claimed the responsibility. Three Belgium and one American citizens have been reportedly killed in the attack.

Belgium with Paris

Belgium has done many raids at various places and caught several people including one French citizen with ammunition as well. Belgium Intelligence have acted fast and in sync with French Intelligence to identify people known to both the intelligence that has resulted in capturing a few people and they are being investigated.

French President Francois Hollande has announced emergency looking at the gravity of the situation. He said.” Each time they attack us, we get stronger. We will fight back.” The attack in Paris is understood to be a revenge on France’s position on Syrian refugees and its continual partnership with UN forces led by the US in attacking ISIS. France has been attacking ISIS since 2014 and deployed its biggest war plane to attack the ISIS.

ISIS is in a mood to let the world know that the constant attacks from all sides have not done any damage to their will and vigor. They have shown the world that they are still in motion and will do more attacks. A couple of weeks ago, ISIS released a video claiming they shot down a Russian plane and now the Friday’s attack in Paris. There is another bomb attack in Lebanon killing more than 40 peopleat a place that is a Hezbollah stronghold and mainly a Shia southern suburb. The world knows Hezbollah is fighting ISIS in Syria and its leader. It seems Russia is in danger. Putin has to take all the necessary security measures right now as ISIS fanatics might have entered Russia by now.

The World stands United with Paris

Modi offers condolences and prays for the families of the deceased and in India the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was lit up in solidarity against the attack on French Citizens. It was a coincidence that he said in his historical speech at Wimbley Stadium some hours before the attack, “the world is facing two issues right now one is Terrorism and other is global warming.” Putin calls for world unity for fighting terrorism and offers cooperation in the joint investigation. US President Barak Obama called the attack in Paris is an act of cowardice.

The War Footing

The French President François Hollande is calling this attack an act of war and has declared a fight to the finish. French fighters jets made bombing sorties over ISIS territory and maybe would even send ground troops to strike on the marrow of the Caliphate. Already it is suspected ISIS was behind the downing of Russian passenger plane in Egypt by smuggling a time bomb.