PM Narendra Modi Announced 21 days Lockdown in India For Fighting COVID - 19

To pull off the strings of the rapidly outspreading novel coronavirus, PM Narendra Modi had announced the complete country lockdown of three weeks in a live speech yesterday.

From the past three months, the whole world is living in the dark shadow of COVID - 19. Until now, 428,280 people have come under the grip of this pandemic, and 19,101 have lost their lives to it. In India, the count of corona patients has reached 562, with a death count of 10.

Starting from midnight, this lockdown will continue till April 14. It will be like a curfew, but far stricter than the previous one.

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The Key Highlights of Modi's Speech are:

1. With folded hands, Modi requested the citizens to stay back at home for the next three weeks. As a measure of prevention, each lane, society, city, and state of the country has been closed. Also, stepping out of the home has been completed banned by the government for this duration.
2. Modi called the life-saving of citizens his only priority. He warned that not sticking to the home could place the country 21 years back, destroying numerous families.
3. Explaining the pattern of coronavirus spread, the PM highlighted the significance of 21 days. He described that while the virus took 67 days in infecting the first 1 lakh people, 11 days were taken to contaminate the next 1 lakh, and only four days were taken to raise the figure to 3 lakhs.
4. Modi announced a stimulus of Rs. 15,000 crore for improving the health infrastructure including testing facilities, equipment, isolation beds, etc. to fight COVID - 19.
5. The prime minister appealed to the citizens for avoiding rumors and unprescribed medication.
6.  Praising the efforts of medical staff, media persons, and all those who are working round the clock for ensuring national safety, Modi asked the citizens to pray and think about their welfare.
7. The PM emphasized the importance of social distancing by calling it essential for every citizen, and not only for infected people.
8. Referring to himself as a family member, Modi requested everyone to strictly and patiently follow this 21 days lockdown.

All the offices except some essential services like defense, public utilities, treasury, disaster management, post offices, power generation and transmission units, and early warning agencies, etc. have been closed. Most of the employees are working from home, and students are attending classes online. The movement of the whole country has come to a standstill for stopping the outburst of coronavirus.