1. The moment Putin announced that he was going to withdraw its army from the land of war, he started getting targeted by black humour and sarcasm. Somebody even went ahead and said Putin got scared because of the military exercise by Saudi Army. The first Aircraft of Russian army took off on Thursday and tagged with it venting on Twitter and Facebook also took off.

    There opponents of Bashar al-Assad started celebrating the withdrawal of the Army terming it a Lover’s Break up, but Russian will continue to bomb. Facebook and Twitter is laden with hundreds of fake, doctored images and hypothetic statements. One Facebook page states that there was a mutual agreement for the withdrawal between Putin and Assad. We can see some celebrating the decision and some throwing black humour.

    Leaving what people are saying there are tens of questions that stand tall. Why is there a surprise announcement for the withdrawal? Has Russia achieved it’s strategic goal as it stated before he sent his planes there? Putin has another tens of answers to support his decision to move out and they seem rationale as well. Slumping oil prices, internal turmoil, Russian civilians not happy with the decision to bomb Syria and obviously constant sanctions on Russia by the giant rivals. Russia’s flexibility to make decision and act on it like it did by deciding to send troops, bomb Syria, assist Assad and leave as soon as possible. On the other hand, Obama does not enjoy the same. He has to talk to everyone in the house to get the permission and tell the nation that ‘The America wants to Save Syria’ then he takes decision. And when he has to pull out, he has to repeat the steps. Obama seem to be jealous of Putin at his manoeuvrability. Russia is quick to enter foment the trouble among some and confer aid to some and is quick to quit as well.

    So what picture does it cast when we try to analyse the situation from both the aspects? Putin wanted to show he is not shaken by the sanctions and he is a world partner on human right issues. He can take active part in that as he finds his partner in Syria was struggling so he lent a hand and supported. The result is apparent. Because of Russian military aids and direct assistance, Assad’s position is getting back to strength. This is the right moment to withdraw. Hence, this seems pretty decent decision taken at a right time.