Republican Party Takes Control Of US Senate After Midterm Elections

The Empire State Building is shining red which means the midterm elections held in the US has gone the Republican Party’s way and have now control of the senate and things are getting very close for the house of congress according to Associated Press. This is not the first time this has happened in American politics because the last two years of any Presidency usually suffers from this problem and President Obama is no exception.

With the senate under the republican control any appointments, especially for judicial posts will now become extremely difficult for the White House because the Republican will not like to see a another liberal sitting on the Supreme Court bench or hold any other powerful judgeship. Whatever relative comfort the democrats enjoyed with a 55-45 ratio is now over and the President faces very hard partisan groups of politicians who will take seat in January and most of them are right wing republicans.

This election was called the “Seinfeld elections” because it was about nothing however it seems out of this nothing the republicans now have the upper hand and now are in the position to have influence over health care and spending.

Senator Mitch McConnel of Kentucky will now assume the role of Senate Majority leader and will take over from incumbent Harry Reid of Nevada.  Other losers are Democratic Senator Kay Hagan in North Carolina, Alison Lundergan Grimes of Kentucky, Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas and Charlie Crist of Florida to name a few. Also Windy Davis a new and upcoming favorite among Democrats lost her bid for the Powerful and Influential post of Governor of Texas to Greg Abbott.