Running Through You

A journey

SaumG is an Indian American musician fully trained in classical music but his interest took him along on a different path and now he is a big name in Dubstep and EDM. He has already released a few albums before and just recently released his latest Album “Running through You” which has been greatly appreciated. He is fully trained cellist but right now he is being called Composer and Sonic Architect.

He has been close to music all his life because his mother is an eastern and western classically trained singer and composer. Most likely, watching her perform and practice every day, he must have become passionate about music. He is not afraid to experiment with his music and always keeps dabbling in technology and electronic music. This bold experiment with computer based digital workstations, ultimately allowed him to broaden his artistic creativity to a new platform.


He loves variety and uses many different methods of creating music. But being a classically trained musician, SaumG, if required, would not have any difficulty to compose music without a computer. But right now he is totally focused and devoted to develop EDM and Indie Pop, but he still harbors strong dream of writinga concerto or a solo piece. He also plays live cello at every performance, and adds his beautiful vocals sometimes. He studied and trained with prestigious master Hans Jorgen Jensen at the Meadow Mount School of Music, where YoYo Ma was one of the students. He has shared the dais and worked with many notable artists, likeBassnectar, Ghostland Observatory,Skrillex, Judge Jules, Big Gigantic, Rupam Islam.

Diffusion and experiments

If you have already heard his last single“Mind Goes Numb’ from his last album “Universal Dreams” then you are in for a treat because he has not failed expectation at all. In fact he takes his music to new level. Often, it is very difficult to have same success and result with a new album every time.More importantly, to achieve same level of creative satisfaction is perhaps the most difficult task in music industry, where taste of listeners can change in a blink of an eye.

Now to those who will be listening to SaumG album for the first time, it is requested that please go and listen to his other recordings and you will not be disappointed because the man just keeps evolving his music and the audience keep getting something new in return every time. Go check out Running Through You. You will enjoy it.

Dancing is therapeutic to the mind, body and soul and this can only be achieved through great music and this album will run through all your expectation.You will be lost within the unbelievable beats of Techno, Rave, House and Electronic. The combination is divine, so go listen, dance and enjoy the music