Shard Pawar, the leader of NCP and outside supporter of BJP in Maharashtra, through the cat among pigeons when he said the stability of BJP government in Maharashtra was not his party's responsibility even as Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis asserted it was stable and hoped Shiv Sena would join it according to Press Trust of India .If a survey is held today, Sharad Pawar will most probably be voted as most distrusted politician in India because this man is all about collision and sabotage. And now he plans to as the Americans euphemism would go “Pull a fast one on BJP” by throwing his political monkey wrench by withdrawing support.

He has so far managed to play brilliant politics and it has worked out beautifully for him, his family and his cohorts. If bets are made who will come out on top or survive in Indian politics, Sharad Pawar is a sure winner. But the question is for how long? When he announced his party support for BJP it created a great confusion, especially with the Shiv Sena who had broken away from the BJP and were involved in some serious mudslinging against Narendra Modi during the campaign. This course of action did not pan out for the Shiv Sena and to make matter worse, Uddhav Thackeray’s hollow threat and at the same time cajoling BJP only proved he should never sit in high stakes poker table and bluff.

Anyway Sharad Pawar latest salvo might go against him because this could be the last time when he may have jumped into bed with the wrong party. His call for “Snap Election in Maharashtra” could blow on his face because the people in the great state of Maharashtra are just tired of lack of work done by the government and the corruption riddled rule of Congress and NCP for the last 15 years. Remember Modi has the power to give more funding to Maharashtra for development propose and if he does that it means more jobs. What then? But it seems Mr. Pawar who is a master anticipator must have figured out something which no else has.

At this very moment Shiv Sena is licking its wounds and thinking what in the hell went wrong, but unfortunately it is a party led a by a leader who is devoid of ideas. Uddhav Thackeray is like one of those film makers who once latch on to a formula, never give up and try to milk as must success as possible. Anyway what Sharad pawar may try to do is call for a vote of no confidence any time he feels that the government will start investigating him and his cohorts and then BJP will have no choice but to hope the Shiv Sena to support them. Which means they will have to concede to their demands, and in turn cause discontentment in BJP ranks? Maybe few BJP legislators might have to give up their ministry which in politics would be like trying to take a bone away from a dog.

He wants to ensure a total breakdown of BJP in Maharashtra because he knows that the current government headed by Narendra Modi is right now concentrating its energy in Jammu and Kashmir and it would be very difficult for them to kick start political campaign in Maharashtra again. If the government falls he will call for snap elections because he already knew his party the NCP and congress will fare poorly in the elections which were held few weeks back. This means he calculated a fractured mandate; hence he kept aside his political capital for fresh elections in the state. Which leads to only one conclusion, Sharad Pawar is a man with no allegiance but to him. He the politician personified and everything which people hate about politician because he will go to great lengths to create discord, dysfunction and confusion among voters because he needs to stay in power.