Show Me The Money

After intense pressure from all quarters and the Indian Supreme Court, the government has finally released a list containing 627 names provided by HSBC Bank according to Times of India. However the list does not contain any names which will cause any embarrassment to any political party or big time industrialist which many may perceive as mare academic exercise and an eye wash.

Though this is the step in the right direction, but to expect recovery of large sums of money stashed away is still a distant dream. The actual lists of names of Indian politicians and industrialists which matter may take a more time to see the light of day because it is a known fact, it will cause major embarrassment for all political parties.

The alarm bells have been ringing loud and clear for all those people who have black money at foreign banks and one could have very easily moved the money and made investigation literally more difficult. The promise made by Narendra Modi during election campaign it seems nothing but a lip service and he and his party started all this rhetoric as measure of posterity. The people of this country have long suffered the ignominy of political apathy and arrogance of our politicians who know they can get away with any crime they commit.

The reality is, large sums of unaccounted money still lies in various countries and scores of Indians still enjoy protection because it is very easy and the reason is very simple. It is the very same people who joined the chorus to bring back black money protecting their greatest contributors. The very people who instigate investigations are responsible for looting their own country and people. The BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have lied and have failed to uphold the promise made to the people of India.

Business has picked up, confidence level among Indians is on the rise, but the flagrant cover given to the high and mighty of India’s business class and politicians is shameful. Yes it is politics and as the old theory of Mutually Assured Destruction goes this whole list is plutonium and will cause irrefutable damage. But if this BJP government has the courage to do the right thing then the country will appreciate and reward their bold stand.