Irom Sharmila was again dragged by the police from the site where she again began her protest and according to reports by NDTV, this action was taken so that she could be given a medicial check-up. There is no word to describe this women’s 14 years old struggle to end the Armed Forces Acts in Manipur. In all these years she has led a peaceful protest by fasting every day. Even the word marathon is too small because what she has done is unprecedented and her Act of Valor must not go unrecognized.

She was 28 years old when she began this one women agitation and after 14 years has still not received the attention that she and the issue she is fighting and willing to die for deserve. Maybe the government is right not to repel the Armed Forces Act in Manipur, but the treatment given to Irom Sharmila is completely unwarranted.

She was taken away to hospital forcefully when she refused to let doctors examine her and she told reporters that “I have said I will not allow a medical check-up. I don't know why they are disturbing me.”

A Gandhian in all the right spirit this women has endured apathy from the state and central government for over a decade. Imagine if these women had taken the decision to express her displeasure through violent means, things would be very different and the government would have been singing an altogether different tune. We in this country are more receptive to people who resort to violence then those who choose the path of peaceful protest. How long the struggle of Irom “Iron” Sharmila will have to continue and when the unconstitutional Armed Forces act which gives the security forces extra judicial power to detain anyone without due process will be repealed remains to be seen.