The Supreme Court Verdict on Section 377 for LGBTQ community members

New Delhi: On Thursday, a big change happened in the Indian constitution after the verdict by the Supreme Court on section 377 for LGBTQ community members. In this verdict, the Supreme court said that now LGBTQ community members could enjoy legitimate constitutional rights for sexual rights.

By this verdict, this could lead to ancillary legal battles as well as legislative reforms for LGBTQ members to enjoy constitutional rights such as marrying a person of his/her choice, adoption of the child, guardianship rights and rights to inherit property from partners.

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Under this verdict, they can be liable of these rights- right to divorce, entitlement to alimony, booking a partner for domestic violence, custody right of children and allowing them to slap rape charges if partners go back after making a promise to marry after making consensual sexual relations. The story published in Times Of India says that Justice Deepak Mishra says that the LGBTQ community deserves an apology from the society.