Areeb Majid the young man from Kalyan Maharashtra is back after his stint with ISIS. During his time spent fighting and maybe some killing he got wounded and required treatment and since he is in the custody of National Investigation Agency (NIA) it seems the dear old tax payer will help pay for his recovery. Now if this young man is still very much radicalized and has no regret having left his country and taking part in unlawful warfare over a foreign government, then he faces a litany of charges. But right now the skilled interrogators of NIA must be going over all the details and squeeze out every bit of information which could prove useful to combat this problem and share Intel with foreign agencies.

Social media is a very powerful tool and if it can help someone win election then it can also influence young minds with bad ideas. ISIS has a very good social media platform and maybe in an alternate universe the people behind all this could be smart entrepreneurs. But the reality is the threat form ISIS is a clear and present danger for India since it has the third largest Sunni Population. We must look at this as a Sunni problem since ISIS believes any Muslim who is not a Sunni is an Infidel and have the right to kill them and at the same time they are ruthless on Sunnis who disagree with them. The government has to start a programme of reaching out to all the important leaders of the Sunni majority and this should not be a case of pacification but genuine desire to help.

The BJP which is the Right Wing Nationalist party of India and at present holds power in the center and many states particularly Maharashtra which also has another Hindu right wing party which will play an important role in the coming months need not politicize this incident. But sadly the other so called secular “Vote Bank” relying on political parties might play a spoil sport because they have excelled in the art of appeasement to get vote and in the process have made India weak. BJP has an opportunity and if smart and pragmatic approach is taken this whole ISIS threat which we face will go away.

The reason why heavy handed approach will not work is because this divide between the two major communities in India will only add more fuel to this threat. Already the Indian Muhajedeen has had only some success and good sense of Indian Muslims has prevailed.  Since the news broke of young Indian men have joined ISIS several other misguided youths have tried but their efforts to join ISIS was stopped by intelligence agencies. The good news is these young men who were stopped do not face the problem of prison time which would have been the case had it been America and it is good to see a more mature and practical approach has been taken by this government and instead of incarceration they have received counseling which is a testament to our secular ethos. This whole ISIS is a ticking time bomb and sooner or later will rear its ugly head in India, but by spreading awareness we can significantly reduce its impact.

With Pakistan in constant turmoil and the open declaration by Sartaj Aziz the National Security Advisor to Nawaz Sharif that they will not take any action against those groups which are involved in spreading terrorism in India. This statement speaks volumes of the mind set the Pakistanis have. ISIS will eventually parish because of its own actions and since terrorism is one of the most lucrative businesses they will try and enter a new area. Already there are various reports of many foreign fighters wanting to quit because they did not like what they see on daily basis and want to return home. Sadly many of these men have been killed by their own colleagues which in turn could very well act as a deterrence.

The more I read and research ISIS, the more it reminds me of the Movie “The Avengers” and Loki is Al Baghdadi who wants to enslave all the people on earth and rule them and create a utopian state of Islam in its early form. But just as Loki and his cohorts the “Chitauri” were winning, there come the Avengers who will not back down. The scene where Agent Coulson tells Loki that he will lose because he lacks conviction is apt for ISIS. They kill people ruthlessly and engage in rape and abuse of women, but the fact is they lack conviction because when faced with the prospect of facing an enemy who can actually fight they simply wither.

Groups like ISIS come with a self destruction switch because of their brutality and eventually will weather and die. I am convinced that the average Indian Muslim would not want anything to do with ISIS and if corrective measure is taken by the government and communities in general the desire to brainwash and radicalize Indian Muslims will remain a distant dream.