It Is Time To Make Terrorism An Expensive Prospect For Pakistan Army

It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past. Carl von Clausewitz

Uri attack

We did the unthinkable and conducted surgical strikes on terror launch pads inside the Line of Control which shook the Pak Army to its core. Never before India had publically acknowledged it crossed the LoC but this time we did and no matter what denials they made the attack was a success and dynamics of dealing with a rogue nation changed that day. It was not only militarily important to carry these surgical strikes but more so politically, to send a clear message that we will not tolerate anymore. The surgical strikes were to show our resolve and it was conducted less than three weeks after the Uri attack and any delay would have diluted its purpose.

A thousand year war and thousand cuts   

It was the former Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who said Pakistan will fight for a thousand years with India but later was hanged by General Zia ul Haq who eloquently said in order to defeat India we must make them bleed with a thousand cuts. Unfortunately, Gen Zia was blown into thousands of pieces when his mangos exploded on August 1988. India and Pakistan have been two separate nations for seventy years and in that process fought three major wars and one localized conflict in Kargil, Kashmir and every time India came out on top. But Pakistan is a relentless advisory and realized that any direct conflict with India will never yield the desired results and it is also very expensive, so it started a low-intensity guerilla war strategy in the Kashmir Valley with great success. But it is time for payback and makes terrorism expensive for the Pakistani Army.


Side Bar

It must be said bluntly that in Kashmir, Pakistan has no legal equities. Neither the Indian Independence Act of 1947 nor the Radcliffe Boundary Commission accord Pakistan any right to Kashmir. Prof C. Christine Fair

Without going into too many details, it must be acknowledged that when King Hari Singh in 1947 signed the Instrument of Accession to India after Pakistan dispatched irregular forces to seize the territory by force we never did have the clear policy for this region. It was a bad move on the part of Jawaharlal Nehru to approach the United Nations for mediation in Kashmir in 1949 which resulted in India losing strategic portion (Gilgit Baltistan) of Kashmir. However when we had the opportunity to correct that mistake in 1971 when he held ninety-three thousand Pakistani army POWs and if pressed hard the Punjabi dominated army would have given up Kashmir for a return of its troops. But that is just academic and has no bearing on the current situation and the fact remains India made political (article 370 and rigged election of 1989) and bureaucratic mistake in this volatile and ethnically diverse state.  

Whatever Language Pakistan understands India should teach in that language - Narendra Modi

Since Narendra Modi took the office of Prime Minister of India has had a no nonsense approach towards responding quickly and decisively against Pakistan’s indiscretion at the Line of Control has become the new policy. The army was given a clear directive, respond if attacked and don’t wait for orders.

Punitive action

Pakistan has been fighting a cheap war with India by sending its poor, uneducated and easily programmable youths to fight Jihad in Kashmir while the regular army’s job is to give covering fire to terrorists trying to enter Indian Kashmir. Lately, India has been pounding Pak military positions in the PoK every time there are any infiltration and just couple weeks or so ago, perhaps for the first time in our history as a free nation our army took punitive action against Pakistani positions. Punitive action is an unheard term for our Indian military because the directive always has been, show restraint. But now senior generals have the authority to engage the enemy as they see fit within reason and no longer have to wait for some bureaucrat to give the green signal.

There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare. Sun Tzu

What Sun Tzu meant was any country that is in a state of perpetual war with its neighbor in the case of Pakistan with itself (Zarb e Azb) will never prosper. Since its inception, Pakistan has been in a prolonged state of conflict with India all the while living on the graces of charity of the United States, Saudi Arabia and for over a decade, China. It has a large population which is illiterate, has never enjoyed democracy and now it is totally under the grip of Islamic theocracy.

Pakistan spends most of its GDP on the military which also happens to be the biggest business conglomerate and has diversified portfolios and business interests. The fact is Pakistani generals are businessmen who are used to all the perks and the grandeurs of their position and that is why they cannot even conduct military operations and rely on terror groups like Lashkar e tribal, jails e Mohammad, Taliban and slowly getting cozy with the Islamic State to do its dirty work.

The fact is Pakistan with its superior weaponry always failed to defeat India because it has never analyzed its defeats against India. To admit defeat by hands of an infidel even at an academic level is incomprehensible to them. With a weak economy and in midst’s of serious sectarian crisis compounded with their Kashmir obsession and the lost glory of Islamic rule of the subcontinent has blurred their vision.


Positioning tens of thousands of soldiers at the LoC puts a massive stress on our exchequer but it is necessary. However, we now posses weapons that have precision fire power and more importantly the forward commanders have an authority to use it to destroy Pakistani bunkers and military hardware. Pakistan never had the fortitude to wage war for thousand years let alone a hundred years because it will not last that long. Its very existence is in more danger with conflict brewing with Iran and Afghanistan. So now we must push Pak military and force them to use their resources which they dearly love and want to preserve. India has to deal with the terror problem in Kashmir and in the last few weeks we have had the lot of success in eliminating many terrorists and at the same time, we are inflecting casualty on the Pakistan regular forces which they refuse to divulge even to their own government. It is time to take advantage of this situation and spread thin Pakistan’s military resources.