Last week or so was full of revelations of some people facing reality. A young Indian man named Arif Majeed returned to India at great pearl after he was wounded in Iraq since he did not get the right treatment and his injuries worsened. But after the intelligence agencies had a powwow with him he also revealed some startling news about Life under ISIS, ISIL, Islamic Stat, Daesh whatever name they are fighting this week. He was asked to perform in of the most difficult tasks one could possibly imagine and that task was to clean toilets. How undignified and demeaning to an Indian man when asked to wash cloths and clean toilets.

Imagine the humanity! Well poor injured Arif had no other choice but to return to India to his mom who probably cleans the toilets in his home because let’s face it no self respecting Indian would do such menial task because it beneath us. However in the recent news reports it has been revealed Arif Majeed did more than toilet cleaning and was a trained suicide bomber (does one really need training for blowing themselves up?) and had taken part in ISIS  combat operations where we received his wounds. But all may not be lost since Arif was disgusted in the way ISIS treated women and called it unIslamic which shows he still has compassion in his heart.

The second case is of French Jihadists who wrote home in which they mentioned about the dreary life they lead in Iraq and Syria under Daesh. One Jihad enthusiast whose iPod had gotten damaged was particularly sad and he was also missing all the comforts of western society, then again who wouldn’t. Exploding bombs and the dead bodies of your enemies always look very pretty on the other side. But faced with the prospect of collecting mangled and mutilated bodies of dead Daesh fighters is altogether a different experience.

The last thing I noticed was the attack carried out by six Pakistan terrorist in Kashmir which sadly took the lives if eleven Indian security personals. Anyway keeping emotions away as I was going through the news reports and photos, one particular item caught my attention. It was the photo of a food bag which had the title “Chicken Achari” in English and Urdu. The men who came over from Pakistan to die in the name of Jihad and freedom for Kashmir apparently have good taste in food. Who would say no to Chicken Achari unless they are a vegetarian which is my case? But still it sounds delish.

My heart goes out to the fallen idiots who could have lived and enjoyed a good meal and I am sure their travel agents (Hafiz Saeed and Co) would have given them the best food supplement. Wonder if Indian army makes such good food packages. Anyway they are dead so mission accomplished morons.

The only thing which is different from the three instances was that the six Pakistanis no matter how misguided came to India with a mission and that was to inflict as much casualty as they can and sadly they succeeded. But the other two categories are men with no self respect. Should all form of help and counseling be given to Arif Majeed? Yes we should and that is the only way to stop young Muslim men like Arif from joining ISIS who seem to have the ability to paint a very rosy picture. But war is hell and people die.

Already many foreign fighters who expressed desire to return home have been executed and who knows the fate of the other Indians who went with Arif. They could be dead or worse they could have participated in mass murder of innocent civilians and dare I say Rape. Anyway no one knows if Arif Majeed is repentant and he regrets his actions or he just came back to get proper medical treatment and avoid cleaning toilets. If he is unrepentant then the government must take action.