UEFA To Take Strict Action And Punish Russia For Fan Violence

According to latest report from Agence France-Presse (AFP) UEFA will on Tuesday announce a first verdict against Russia for the football unrest caused by their fans at Euro 2016 while England questioned security for high-risk matches this week. Euro 2016 is being held under an umbrella of very high security since Europe has suffered from acts of terrorism since 2015. Already a French court has sentenced 10 men to a year. Six Britons, three French and one Austrian were found guilty of violence around the England-Russia match in Marseille on Saturday. 2015 and 2016 have been very traumatic year for France and there is fear of another terror strike during the month-long European Championship finals expected to draw two million visitors to France.

There has been serious allegation and accusations leveled against Russian fans and UEFA charged the Russian Football Union over the disturbances. During the match with England racist chanting and fireworks were thrown at the Marseille stadium which could have caused serious injuries to spectators and among them were women and children. Russia could possibly face a hefty fine, reprimanded or have points deducted from their qualifying campaign for the Euro 2020 tournament because of the acts of violence and racist chants uttered by their fans. Any repeat of disturbance has the possibility of Russia and England being disqualified from Euro 2016.

However England Football Federation (FA) took a strong exception to the charges which have been leveled and in a letter to UEFA, protested in a letter to UEFA that a distinction should be made between the actions of Russian football supporters who according to the FA were responsible for violence and only Russia have be charged over their conduct. During the match that was held in Stade Velodrome Marseille, Russian fans crossed a barrier to cause bodily harm to English supporters, including women and children. FA chairman Greg Dyke raised "serious concerns" about security when England and Russia will play their next matches. In a letter to UEFA Mr. Dyke said "We have serious concerns around the security arrangements for the city (Lille) in the next few days."