Looking down the major celebrity stalking menace and other privacy outrages

Like all those feats of grandeur that are in all probability never easy to achieve, lustrous reputation of fame too comes at a great price. And this non-monetary price of loss of personal space confronts these stars at many points of their fun-filled careers and sometimes even after they have turn towards seclusion by taking a recluse from their art, it still continues to haunt them.

As they say that true happiness and contentment come with the acceptance of truth, still many of us would find this fact extensively difficult to accept and contemplate about that how fond we have become of feeding our drained brains with the personal and private as well as social aspects of the lives of our favourite celebrities. This frenzy is mostly fed and satisfied basically on a monthly basis by the hoodlum of these semi-naked covered celebrity magazines and blogs which have their well equipped army of paparazzi. Keeping the crazy paparazzi stories aside which are nothing in intensity as compared to the constantly fuelled passion of these stalkers, these stalkers sometimes choose to take insane measures to become a, even though temporary, part of the existential circle of these celebrities, sometimes claiming themselves to be star hubbies and  sometimes even God. Holy molly!

But unlike those behind-the-lens camera hawking photographers, these attention cravers don’t really mean just their usual everyday business. To them it mostly is their ultimate ambition of life. The one for the fulfilment of which they are well prepared to risk their very social and professional fronts of life and even go to prison and have their social image tarnished forever. Although they say that any publicity is good publicity yet the names of these stalkers are mostly short lived and are easily forgotten by the world in time.

Many experts have remarked that such unchecked obsession has a scientifically explainable psychological side to it. It roots mainly from some childhood experiences in the life of the subject that he or she moves on from in his or her adult years, mainly through constant looking up to these celebrities and from prolonged exposure to their work. And then a point of time comes in the life of the subject, which I choose to call the “crazy fan threshold”. Just before the subject reaches this scale division, he can be termed as a big fan or the self-proclaimed biggest fan of the celebrity but as soon as he saturates himself and moves on to the next part of the scale, he enters the realm of less vulnerable and crazier “stalk-ism” which sounds like and actually is more of a religion, less of a fashion.

Let’s have a look at few of the most shocking and disturbing top ten celebrity stalking incidents of all times, some of which even ended up in the death of either the celebrity or someone else important.

  1. John Lennon

Without needing a detailed introduction to this giant of a musician and songwriter from England, let’s move towards the fact that on the night of December 8, 1980, then 25 years old fanatic fan, Mark David Chapman, killed Lennon in the front of his own apartment building in New York by shooting him not just once but four times in his back. At that time Lennon was about to enter his apartment with his wife Yoko Ono. Lennon had given Chapman an autograph on his own album that Chapman had with him on the same evening. Later when interrogated Chapman confessed that it was the mere obsession for the legendary artist that later took the form of his successful wish to assassinate him. To this date Chapman is counting his last few remaining days in the Ohio State Prison.


The Kill Bill star too had her separate share of stalker adventure and that too from her own high school batch mate, Jack Jordan, who had a crush on her since then. In 2008, then 37 years old Jordan was convicted of endlessly stalking the star by secretly trying to sneak into her house. When he was repeatedly refused to be entertained, Thurman received a gift card from him that showed a bride with her head detached from her body. Taking it as a serious sign, Thurman reported the matter to the police and got a restraining order issued against him which he again later violated in 2010 and got arrested and when the court found him to be mentally challenged he gave up his freedom my not signing the court papers. I guess that is why they call true love might make you go crazy.


What happened with the Silence of the Lambs star is probably one of the highlighted and talked about stalking incident from the darker side of Hollywood. From her incomparable role of a teenager prostitute in Taxi Driver, which also starred the great Robert De Niro as its protagonist, Foster earned a unique once in a lifetime  fan, John Hinckley . This man got so obsessed with this role that Foster played that he tried to enact the act of De Nero, which was of shooting down the president of the United States, to impress Foster. For this purpose, he first made an attempt on the life of Jimmy Carter but failed. Then he successfully shot down President Ronald Reagan. He later got arrested and is still imprisoned in a mental hospital in Washington D.C. Politics had to pay a heavy price for the passion of these stalkers.


If you have ever looked into the hidden trend of the satanic rituals then you must be familiar with the idea of the Illuminati. The Avatar director was stalked and embarrassed by one of his “anti-fans” for the claim that he and his wife, Kate Capshaw, had been involved in following a satanic ritual of ‘soul catchers’ which they used to control people for their own wishes. This stalker was a woman named Diana Napolis. Not to everyone’s surprise, later, Diana was judged to be mentally ill and in great need of some good psychological help and was also issued a restraining order of ten years to make her stay away from Mr. Spielberg.

  1. Mel Gibson                                                                                            

Gibson directed The Passion of the Christ, impressed a then 34 years old, Zack Sinclair, so much so that he started stalking Gibson to the church he used to worship at and also sent his a good number of letters aimed at convincing the renowned actor to pray with him. Evidently the actor chose his pray-time solitude over this wish of his crazy fan. Sinclair was later admitted into a psychiatric centre along with the gift of an at least 3 years jail term.

  1. JenniferAniston

Your coffee can be harmful for your peace of mind. Well, this can happen only in case if you carry the equivalent fame and charms of Jennifer Aniston and you are a regular Starbucks goer. The then 24-year stalker, Jason Peyton, was nabbed by cops for waiting for the actress with life threatening objects and some psycho love verses at one of her regularly visited spots. For the love of the Almighty, Peyton couldn’t make it for her on time but so he did for prison.

  1. Serena Williams

Never ever...ever...disclose your live location on twitter...if you are a world renowned tennis grand slammer like Miss Williams. But to her own dismay she did that and attracted the attention of her stalker Patenema Ouedraogo, who kept himself up to date with her whereabouts and was ultimately arrested during his terrible attempt at breaking into her house to express his love for the player. But this time surprisingly the player had not tweeted. Hallelujah.


The stalker of this evergreen pop sensation had more pain than love in his life as while trying to trespass her property, Robert D. Hoskins was shot down by Madonna’s angelic bodyguards. Though he survived the lethal shot, still later he received a 10 years long prison sentence.


With no need of any introduction, this pop goddess was accused by one of her English fan cum stalker that she was not the real Beyonce, as according to him the real Beyonce had already been killed by this Beyonce. So had he been true, this face could have lead this Beyonce to be a faker Beyonce. Sounds messed up. Well, tell me about it.

  1. Justin Bieber

The teen pop sensation could have lost his family jewels to a already imprisoned Mexican gangster, Dana Martin, who in turn ordered his free accomplice, Taner Ruane, to castrate Bieber so that to present him such a souvenir which he could never lose. The plot could never taste success as Tanner was arrested on time.

If you can then thank the lord for making you a common man and giving you so much sense to not stalk the celebrities you love.