The crazy debate of vegetarians and non-vegetarians has been going on for centuries. People prohibit eating non vegetarian food in the name of religion and morality. Most of the vegetarians strictly believe that eating meat and chicken is an immoral, unethical and insensitive act depicting inhumanity and cruelty towards those meek creatures. They criticise fellow beings and feel disgusted for them.


On the other hand, non vegetarians eat it out of taste and some believe that meat, fish and chicken contains more proteins, vitamins and minerals as compared to simple vegetables and grains. Statistics support that seafood and non vegetarian food contains vitamins and proteins that cannot be purely achieved of out of simple food.

non veg

But, the actual matter is not about who is interested in eating what; the complete dispute is regarding the mentality that people carry with them. To be precise and simple, the kind of food we eat is based on our preferences and taste. It is upon us to decide what should we eat, and what we must not eat. You must not form an opinion about an individual just because of the kind of food he/she eats. We must respect the choice of all, without criticism and hatred.


There are many people who eat eggs and call themselves eggitarian; perhaps a new trendy word. I have heard people say how can you kill a yet-to-be-born-baby chick? It isn’t so. All eggs do not hatch into chicks. Only fertile eggs that have been incubated under proper conditions can become an embryo and develop into a chick. So, eating eggs doesn’t constitute killing living beings.

Next, when I think about why people put blame on killing fellow living beings, I get shocked. If thought deeply, even plants are living beings then why are plants killed to satisfy human wants? Roots like onion, carrot, sweet potato and beetroot are eaten which are extracted by destroying the plant. If we don’t make it an issue, then why eating meat is an issue. It has been scientifically proved that plants respond to human touch, they understand emotions so why aren’t plant eating animals not blamed for killing plants which provide us with the basic life amenities ?  It is ironical that we kill a living being for food and criticise others for killing animals, which is just a different category of living beings. Then, how does the question of immorality come for non vegetarians and not for vegetarians? Just because plants don’t shout, they are immobile and we are not thinking properly about this issue doesn’t mean that killing plants is right. I don’t get why we become so orthodox and irrational on some issues.

The world lives on Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest.’ The entire existence of mankind and other species can be summed up in the urge to survive breaking all the odds and therefore, the food chain goes on. Birth and death are the two sides of the same coin. We humans, indisputably, get wider choice being the most advanced species.


So next time when you point out at a non vegetarian and pass tantrums, do remember that it is okay; stop making a fuss about it.  Don’t make someone feel guilty for no good reason. Have a broader mentality and accept the fact that no matter what, every species in this world has to do something to fill up his stomach. This is what life is all about. Eat healthy, live pure.