Woodstock 2014 in Kochi

On 2nd November 2014 the city of Kochi a very beautiful and old city in gods own country Kerala something happened which no one could ever think of in India. It was the day the “Kiss of Love” movement came crashing on us. Authorities were ever vigilant to stop these crazy people who have started a movement contrary to our beliefs but as one of the protesters was being dragged away the eternal words of Pablo Naruda aptly summarized the day “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep the spring from coming.”

A new spring is coming but on its way are the custodians of Indian morals the self-styled vigilantes of Indian society the Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Sunni Yuvajana Sangatana workers. But these goons who want to save the country from this bunch of shameless, devoid of any moral sense are the one which we could happily do away with. This was a call against the growing tide of moral policing which has brought hurt to a lot of people. Who can forget how brazenly the supporters of Pramod Muthalik leader of Rashtriya Hindu Sena, the parent organization of the Sri Ram Sena attacked hapless boys and girls in Mangalore pub attacking young boys and girls for bring disrepute to Indian culture. But the country just watched and no action was taken against them.

But how easily the organizers and supporters of this movement were arrested and packed like sardine in police vans were taken away. Why do we never see such thing when the moral police of India in their full crescendo go out and hurt people and property, government and private? The answer will be a strong yes. These peaceful protesters had had enough of bullying from these goons whose mindset is not that different from Taliban and can the police lay claim that the Kiss of love protesters damaged any property? They have not hurt anyone, nor have they indulged in vandalism, but then why the authorities and police acted so swiftly to apprehend these people? Why the police never react when we actually need their help? It is because they are under the thumb of people who crave noting but power and re-election.

Kerala has the highest percentage of literacy rate in India and always had a very progressive and open mind set. But somehow over the last few years they have allowed subversive groups to thrive in that state that generally never had a foothold. These “Storm Troopers of Morality” are only interested in subjugating us to their beliefs and medieval mindsets. It is comforting to see when fringe elements of our religious right who are generally at each other’s throats in the matter of religion always seem to forge an alliance to fight these immoral people.