Dressing as per occasion seems to be the most difficult thing for people to understand and when they have to follow the same dress code for 5 days a week as it becomes a tough task. But in my opinion try adhering to simple dos and don’ts this would simplify the task. Most of the offices follow a 4 day formal wear and Fridays as casual wear policy.

Let’s start with 4 days formal wear.

Most of the MNC’s based in India have a mix of this Indian formal and a western office wear. Not only the MNCs, the small organizations in India also prefer formal dress on week days. Indian formal wear would include saris and suits. Now this is the tricky part.


Make sure the colors are right. Bright pink and red won’t do. Avoid anything with bright border or work. Actually markets are full of all kinds of saris just try making the right choice. Nothing too loud or appealing. Look for the right print. Cotton saris are a good option only if you can carry them well. Don’t over expose with deep neck or back.

Indian Suits

Looking at the current job scenario, a lot of big brands have introduced special office wear kurtas, suits for working women. They understand the need for comfort wear and inability for the majority of working women to wear trousers, skirts to office every day. You can opt for nice kurtas in basic colors that give you a complete professional look.

Western Wear

The percentage of working women opting for such clothes is comparatively less but it is increasing. Trousers, shirts, business suits, pencil skirts are all such clothes which are easily available in the market. Brands like Allensolley, AND specialize in such clothes. Shop as per your size. It should neither be too tight or loose. Both ways it would it would be a disaster. Choose the right combination, like white shirt can look good on any color trousers. Make sure you get the right kind of shoes while wearing western office wear.

Casual Wear

Most of the people have this great misconception that one can wear almost anything to office on Friday. For this category I have more of don’ts than do’s. Opt for denim, only if your company policy states so, avoid or never ever wear tattered jeans to office. No flip flops, shorts, Tshirts with loud or boisterous messages, Very short skirts and please a big no to those bright red, green purple or floral print denim available in the market. They may be in for the season but are not the right choice for office. Cut sleeves don’t look too professional as well.  Best pick would be full length denim with a shirt or a simple t shirt. The theme is relaxed Friday not a beach side party Friday.