Work from Home is an idea in which regular work is provided to people who cannot or are unable to go to a specific location like an office for work. It gives people willing to work free from any place. They can choose where they want to work, be it in a café or as implied, home. All the requirements are pre-determined such as amount per word, time of submission and the topic.


• Some people are uncomfortable in an office where they can be distracted by nearby chatter or noise, leading to delay or distractions from their work. Thus, you can choose to be at home and work in a peaceful environment providing a balance in your work life. Leading to work being done before or on time.
• Since working from home provides comfort of work being done in your way and on time, you can concentrate on yourself. You can have free time to do your to-do list. Things which were earlier not possible to complete because of long working hours at a job. Knowing fully that you have actually done work for which you will be paid.
• Cost-saving is a big part of earning. By not going for a job outside for which you will require to get a cab to travel, lunch outside and the usual attractions of a coffee house or going out with colleagues to an expensive restaurant of their choice. Since you are now working from home, all these costs and attractions are minimal. Resulting in higher savings.
• It is a big alternative for housewives and/or disabled people. Traveling is a major issue for disabled people since not all environments are disabled friendly. On the other hand, housewives, the heroes who had to leave their jobs to maintain their house and family, can work in their free time as even they want to work and earn by themselves. Thus, work from home brings work to them, removing the wastage of time in traveling.

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In a bottleneck, work from home is for everyone. Everyone has some specific set of skills. Not all jobs will appreciate those skills. All it requires is a willingness to work and the capability to do it. Which if you are being approached by a company for work, you already have proven yourself.