Ebola is probably the single greatest threat for all mankind right now. It is more dangerous than ISIS because this virus has the capability to destroy nations and economy which is fast interdependent on each other. This virus is already out of control in Africa and experts estimate, it will hit Europe and the Americas soon. In Western Europe, America and Canada the response to this virus will probably be very efficient but what happens if this deadly virus hits Asia the most densely populated place on earth.

Are we prepared to deal with this pandemic and is our National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) prepared to deal with this problem. Already Indian health services are not the best in the world and the lack of coordination in our bureaucracy is world renowned. Already one person has died in America and who knows how many more are infected. In Europe the threat of Ebola looms large and no matter what precaution any country will take it is still very much possible this virus will sneak in.

Ebola Virus Disease causes hemorrhagic fever when someone comes into contact with a person or even animals. This virus, unlike other is communicable disease, hence once airborne it is very difficult to stop. Anyone who has read the Wikipedia would know, this virus’ typical symptom isvomiting, diarrhea, and followed by rash. This virus also decreases the function of the liver and kidneys. Once this starts one really comes to find out why it is called Ebola hemorrhagic fever because those who are affected people may begin to bleed both within the body and externally.

To watch a person suffer and die can bring a profound change insomeone’s life and in India this could be the beginning of the end. If this virus hits our land, millions will die and it will not differentiate between rich and the poor. Prime Minister Modi has pledged 12 million dollars. But this is not sufficient and more has to be done. We have no experience in dealing with such outbreaks and call it “Cruel Irony” this is an opportunity for our response team to learn firsthand how to handle and set up infrastructure in India.

We need to send our doctors and epidemiologists, laboratory scientists and medical practitioners can help support the fight against Ebola. Yes they will be at risk, but it is worth taking. The experience will help us in the long run. This outbreak has already claimed over 2000 lives and has left many more in danger of contracting this decease. Many think we can stop this virus during immigration but that has provided not very effective and now the western governments have realized the true threat and making preparation in case there are any reports and cases of Ebola.

The 12 million dollars in aid to Ebola affected nations pledged by India makes us the top 5 countries helping to stem this disease. However we must do more and start thinking about sending our military just like America and they would not only help the people but also help prepare our forces for any future contingency.

We use our Military extensively during natural disasters and they have performed admirably every time,  but this Ebola outbreak is like fighting “Nature’s Germ Warfare” and the experience and knowledge could one day help us here in India.