15 cash saving travel tips and tricks that really work

As you know, it is not easy to save money during travel. If you are ready to make tour with your family, you have to understand number of tips and tricks regarding the flight booking, accommodation, food. Here I am going to describe you a lesson about some of the tricks and tips for saving money during the travel.



Travel at the cheapest time

As all of us know that, the price of the flights varies according to the season. Skyscanner is a software which will lets you to compare the prices of the flights across whole month and which will help you to find  the cheapest day to fly, and thus saving you a potential packet. If you are ready to avoid the weekends and which can make a good influence on the price of the flights. Using Skyscanner search tool, you can see a graph view of the cheapest flight rate days of the eek to fly. So sigh up for the Skyscanner price alerts to monitor the price of the flight based on your interest.

Skyscanner ‘Everywhere’ tool help to find cheap flight from any airport

Don’t mind about where you have to go so long as you will get there cheaply? Then you can use everywhere option in Skyscanner tool which will lists the cheapest flights from the local airport in the order of price. So if you are using this tool for your travel, you can make the life as a full lot easier if it comes to planning the travel and holiday budgeting.

Travel in low season

It is the main thing that you have to consider while booking flights. You have to avoid the tour planning for Christmas like celebration time or summer holidays. Off-season travel will help you to find out good bargains.

Fly Indirect

If money is more significant than time, then you have to consider the flight with a stop-over. Skyscanner tools allows you to find out for indirect routes along with direct routes and which are frequently a far cheaper option. The tool Skyscanner will help you to find out multiple destinations at once.

Mix and match the flights

The flexible search tool of Skyscanner allows you to match and mix the airlines to find out the cheapest price, and the best time which suits you. So you can save money via flying out and back with variety of airlines or from distinct airports.

Pre-book airport parking

If you have to leave the car at the airport while your journey for the duration of the tour, ensure to book the place for parking in advance. Keep in mind that booking on the day is generally much more expensive.

Fly From an Alternative Airport

Though there will be an airport on the doorstep, do not rule out the probability that which may be cheaper to fly from one somewhat further away. It will work out cheaper, though with the price of a bus or train ticket to reach the other airport. Using the nearby airports search feature of Skyscanner, you can see how much it will cost to fly from different airports.

Bring your own food while flying

Can you bring food while you are flying? If you can bring it. As long as the foods are not liquid like yoghurt, humus or soup, it is good to bring sandwiches and snacks. This will also help you to save a small fortune as compared to the menu in the flight.

Beat the baggage fees

If you are worried about the charge for excess baggage, why not wear the extra items instead of packing them in to the case? There are some of the fantastic products in the market which let you to take extra belongings on the person to make sure about they will not count as excess baggage. A luggage jacket joint with a good hand luggage bag and which will get you the complete maximum amount of hand luggage on a plane, without having to give any check in costs.

Check the weight of the luggage before leaving home

Some of the people get to the airport to find out the we are over the limit of the baggage and finish up paying the puffed up charges. Avoid this situation by checking the weight of the bag before you are leaving your home and take any unnecessary items when you find out the limit is over.



Try home swap

If you need to go on holiday but are bad of the normal hotel chains and expensive, inexpressive rooms then why can’t you consider a home swap? It will cost you almost nothing, as the name indicates swap proposes, and you will get to visit the new country while enjoying all of the comforts at home.

Try a private room instead of a hotel

For the last few years, there has been an blast in websites which allow locals to rent out the spare rooms, sofas, full apartments even garden. Number of sites have changed accommodation selections and for the travellers, the experience will be far more rewarding than the stay in the chain hotel and being cheaper.


Use Apps to find best discounts

In this modern era of gadgets and technology, the smart phone will be a handy money saving travel friend. There are some apps in the market for everything like: maps, phrasebooks, travel guides even torches. You can download these apps and will save not only the cash but also can find space in the case for avoiding the chance of excess baggage charges.  

Eat Like a local

For saving money you have to eat like a local. You have to eat street foods, since other foods will be expensive.

Save on foreign currency exchange

As you know, withdrawing money in abroad may cost a small charges. Though using the debit card will be cheaper than using a credit card, so be aware about that most of the banks will charge for each of the withdrawal on the top of the commission fee.


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