For most people who live in Delhi NCR Connaught Place or colloquially called CP is one such hangout which all of them are familiar with. This place has been the center of Delhi since 1933 when it was constructed, but enough of history. Fact is one could spend hours just walking around and maybe do some shopping and yes eating at many restaurants and road side food stalls where you can enjoy Aloo chaat, Bhel Puri etc.

Ask anyone who was born in this city and they will regale tales of childhood memories and this was the place for couples to hangout because every means of entertainment necessary was and still available in this place. From buying cheap cloths to cheap watches and other electronic gadgets to watch movies and enjoy a variety of food items both cheap and expensive.

If you are in Delhi do not fail to visit CP and just walk around and you will find people of all walks of life and races, but this is the only place in this sprawling metropolis where you will find practically all types of cuisines.

Yes things have changed over the years and many new Uber restaurants have opened up but some of these old joints will always be near and dear to my heart.

Here are some of my favorites eating joints from my past and I still visit some of them when I am there, though it is now far and between.

United Coffee House

This place is usually frequented by retired people to reminisce the good old days but it also attracts a lot of other crowds mostly young, particularly students. Yes it is not a very hip place but the food is good and the cost is affordable. I still remember watching movie at Plaza Theater and enjoying coffee and snacks with friends at this place.


Janpath is the place where you could buy a cheap shirt or jacket or any piece clothing for all sizes and gender. But if you are hungry then there is nothing like Dpauls. Here you will get cold coffee and burgers veg and non vej, sandwiches and in winter hot tomato soup with bread crumbs.


All I can think about is the cold milk served in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and butterscotch flavor. Plus some very nice sandwiches and varieties of patties can be a very filling experience and it is worth a trip every time I go there.


Now this was the “it and hip” joint when I was growing up in the eighties and nineties. Bit expensive even then but I am going to mention it because I and my family loved it. Anyway this was one of the few places which served Pizza’s and French fries back then before the advent of Pizza hut and McDonalds. Who can forget their hot chocolate fudge ice cream?

Kake Da Hotel

Another iconic eating place in CP and one of the busiest places during lunch and dinner time is the famous Kake Da Hotel. Here one would get to eat some of the best North Indian dishes. Its chicken dishes are very popular and also has excellent paneer dishes.


Last but not least no trip to CP will be complete without eating desert at Wenger’s. Though this is not a restaurant but I have some of the fondest memories of this place and a must visit. My father used to get cakes and pastries from this place during Christmas and other occasions like birthday’s and anniversary. This place can be called a guilty pleasure for me and my family and all those people I personally introduced to this place