Thank god it’s Friday is a phrase which most of us have used once in a while and there is nothing wrong in that saying that. After all most of us are spent after working long and hard for a entire week and it gets stressful on the mind and body. So why not unwind and relax with friends, have long conversations, catch up, eat good food and have a few drinks.

When it comes to good pubs, Delhi NCR has some of the best place to be and the best time to enjoy is the weekend when many pubs hosts some of the best DJ’s who play ripping mixes for you to dance away all your problems. Nothing is more relaxing then dancing and enjoying few drinks.

Although it has been a while since I had the opportunity to visit some the places which I am going to mention because let’s face it most of my old friends have moved out of this city and only visit if on office tours or family matters. So my social life is on the down low, but can’t complain all good things must come to an end. So here we go.

Here are some of my favorite Pubs in Delhi NCR which you can go and have a good time.  Mind you some of the places mentioned can be very expensive or moderate and I have made an effort to mix both on the list. This is not ranking but simply stating my retired bar hopping experience.


Located in the heart of Delhi this place gets very busy in the weekends and it would be advisable if you had reservations because it will be tough to get in. Q’BA offers live music and DJ for your entertainment and the place is sprawling so there is always leg room for dancing and elbow room for sitting. The food served hear is very good and they make great cocktails.

No cost was spared to give this place the ambiance, simply put you could sit outside and enjoy drinks on the terrace or stay indoors. Often this place invites the best DJ’s in the country and from the outside for entertainment. One can visit this place for many reasons like people come here for dancing and have a few drinks or watch a game on big screen. If that is not your thing then just sit and enjoy great food and cocktail.

Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill

If you are into sports and feel like catching an IPL match which will soon start later this week, then this place will suite you perfectly. This sports bar is rather big and has good beer and food served here is edible, can’t complain. But more importantly it is the perfect place to hang with friends and enjoy playing pools and other games made available in this place. Also this place is located in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj one of the most popular malls in Delhi NCR so it is usually crowded on the weekends.

My advice is go for a late afternoon movie and then just sit back relax and enjoy cold beer.

Hard Rock Café

Again located in DLF Place, Saket which is one of the popular malls in Delhi NCR, Hard Rock Café offers live music by a band which is in great demand by young crowd. The décor is cool and designed for young people. But then again you are as old as you feel.

PS: This place has Valet Parking last time I went their but it has been a while.

7 Degrees Brauhaus, South Point Mall

This place is for grownups period! If you are looking to spend quality time with friends and occasionally prefer not so loud music then this is your destination. Germens are famous for their beer and sausages and this place has both in plenty.

Cafe Morrison

Not a very hip place to began with but still the ambience is not that bad. Excellent place if you want hang out with friends or even family and that makes this place very unique because one can see families’ having good time and yes there are also kids present. But one must all adapt, plus this place in South Extension and not bad place to hang out.


I must also mention two places in Delhi where one can find pubs in every corner. Khan Market and Hauz Khas. Both these places are great hangouts in the evening and are particularly vibrant in weekends.

Those were the days…