Nine Virgin Beaches To Check Out Before They Go Mainstream

Thinking of a vacation to a place somewhere new, somewhere near to sea? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t need to cross seven seas or high mountains for that. India itself is one of the best places for vacation. It has perfect places to visit for those dreaming to escape to the coast. From the fine, golden sands to the rocky pebbled shores- India is a beach lovers paradise. I always imagine myself, like the kind of girl who belongs on a beach with messy hair, tanned skin and a big bowl of fruits watching the waves. So if you are like me you wouldn’t want to visit the usual popular beaches of Goa which are filled with hugely insane crowds, which I think make the beaches lose their charm. So I’ve got here a list of other virgin beaches in India which are not among the mainstream, and are exactly the kind of beaches you and I would want to visit.

Radhanagar Beach


This pretty beach has been awarded as ‘Asia’s best beach’ by Time Magazine. Situated 12 kilometers from Havelock’s ferry pier, it is known for its untouched beauty and alluring charm. While the azure and groovy waters will tickle your senses, the serenity that dwells on this beach will surely make you fall for it. It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches of Andaman Islands owing to its fine white sands and blue waters.

Best time to visit: Spring is the ideal time to visit. (October to May)

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach (KERALA)

It is located in Kovalam, although Kovalam remains one of the most popular tourist spots in Kerala, the Lighthouse beach has remained untouched by most of the crowd. This beach is extremely picturesque in setting, bordered by coconut groves and an ancient lighthouse- Vizhinjam Lighthouse located here due to which this beach gets its name. This beach has gained huge popularity in recent times, where you can escape the crowds to relish the beauty of golden sands on this beach.

Best time to visit: (September- February) Winters are ideal although can be visited all round the year. Try to avoid summer or March-May as the temperature can rise up to 37 Degrees.

Yarada beach


Situated 15 kilometers from Vishakapatnam, it’s a glorious escape from the crowds for those looking to enjoy the view of uninterrupted coastline. It is surrounded by captivating hills and groovy hills on three sides and Bay of Bengal on the other side. This magical beach is still untouched from the hands of commercialization and lies in the most pristine form.

Best time to visit: November- February. Avoid visiting during March- May or the summer and June-September or the monsoon.

Bekal Beach

Bekal Beach (KERALA)

God’s own country, Kerala is truly a haven for nature lovers. Bekal beach is located in Kasaragod region of Kerala and is known for its kaleidoscopic and exotic beauty. Adjacent to it is a giant keyhole shaped fort which offers a superb view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers, which were occupied by huge cannons a few centuries ago. In addition, one can enjoy Goa carnival with family and friends.

Best time to visit: During Winters, (December-February) is the best time to visit here.


Serenity Beach (PONDICHERRY)

Located at just 10 mins drive from the city of Pondicherry, is bordered by wooded line of Palm trees. A perfect destination to relax and rejuvenate yourself after exploring those beautiful French architecture based colonies. Doesn’t the name itself does half of the work in peaking interest? A lazy day spent at the beach, just sun-bathing and reading a novel at your own pace is what makes this beach the most leisurely among the rest. You will not only feel relaxed and tranquil, but also a happy sense of belonging. Won’t we all like that!

Best time to visit: September-March or November-February are the best times.

St. Mary's Beach

St. Marys Beach (KARNATAKA)

St. Mary’s Island is a little slip of land in the sea out from Malpe Beach in Udupi. The beach front of this island is known as St. Mary’s beach. Located 6 kilometers boat ride away from the pilgrimage town, Udupi, it is known for its amazing Basalt rock formations with vertical blocks lining up on the beachfront, it remains unexplored for most of its parts. Embraced by the enchanting charm of the Arabian Sea, its virgin beauty can behold its visitors at ease.

Best time to visit: December is the best time to visit this beach.

Agatti Beach


Lakshadweep probably is the smallest of Union Territories in India, but it outshines almost all the other destinations, when it comes to stunning islands and virgin beaches. The Agatti beach is a stunning virgin beach known for its scenic beauty among the other 36 coral islands, with breath taking spectacle of sparkling coral reefs, turquoise blue water and lush green coconut palms. It has a calm and peaceful surroundings untouched by the tourists, salubrious holiday escape for those who want a break from the hustling city life.

Best time to visit: This beach can be visited all round the year, however, May-September is considered the ideal time.

Ganga Beach

Ganga Beach (KARNATAKA)

Gokarna is popular for beaches but unlike most of the Gokarna beaches, Ganga Beach in one of the secluded paradise and is still untouched by the hands of commercialization. Situated 30 mins from the very popular Om beach in Karnataka, is fringed with ancient lighthouse and scenic groves all around. It is a true nature’s retreat which everyone must experience once in their lifetime.

Best time to visit: This beach also can be visited all through the year, yet November-February is considered the best time to visit.

Mandvi Beach

Mandvi Beach (GUJARAT)

Also known as the Wind Farms beach, due to the wind mills that line the horizon of Mandvi making a beautiful sight. The Wind mills projects running in this beach was Asia’s first Wind-Mills Projects in 1983. Perfect for swimming it still remains a virgin beach. It used to be a ship-building hub in the earlier times but has now been transformed into a haven for the tourists who do eventually turn in.

Best time to visit: This beach can be visited round the year, but Winter is the best time. Ideal months would be October-March.