Delhi is famous for many things and food has always topped the charts because for centuries this city has been the epicenter of various cultures bringing their varied culinary skills here thus making it the center for food revolution. Just visit Old Delhi and you will find all sorts of cuisines to enthrall your palate. This is one place where you will find all sorts of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes made by people who have lived in the old city for generations.

And it is these very people who are still following age old methods to cook mouth watering dishes and Faagio is not only going to be a food search engine giving information about restaurants, they will also talk about history and the particular specialty a restaurant serves. This application is going to be the one stop guide for all foodie who live and visit this historical city.

One would find information about eating joints which are hugely popular in certain part of the city which many may have not even heard of. You will find about places hidden in the narrow alleys of Delhi where if you just take one wrong turn you will miss the place entirely. And it these eating spots which many visit with families to reminisce about old time.

Just thinking about Karim’s of old Delhi, Paranthe Wali Gali and Ghantewala who are probably the oldest and still functioning traditional sweet makers in Delhi will make any Delhite stomach growl. Just near Ghantewala is the famous Amritsari Lassi Wala who makes the creamiest butter milk which one can drink to fight the heat or to calm your tummy after you had some spicy food.

But fret not if this is not your coffee one would also find McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc but to visit this place and not enjoy authentic delicacies is a crime in itself. However it is understandable if you are apprehensive because this place is not known for its ambience and even people who live in other parts of Delhi can suffer from cultural shock when they come here. But this is still the place in this city to enjoy the most authentic dishes at a very reasonable cost.

Karol Bagh is one of the oldest colonies in Delhi NCR and for years the center for shopping and also a place people could simply visit to enjoy food. Here you will find shops and restaurants which have been passed from one generation to the next and it is one of the last vestiges of a bygone era of this city.

When my father came to Delhi in 1968, Karol Bagh was the place where he stayed and he would often regale and reminisce about old times and how he and some of old friends and colleagues would enjoy a cup of coffee in the evening.

Situated in central Delhi and very near to the old city of Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh is full of history and nostalgia. All one has to do is take a walk at Ajmal Khan Road & Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan road and one can see the symbiosis of old and new.

But enough about history, time to talk about food and some of the famous restaurants in this area.

This place is one of the last reserves in Delhi where one can eat great food at a reasonable price.

Now many of the restaurants I am going to write about are not known for their ambience but the food served here is one of the best in Delhi.

SO DO NOT BE SQUEAMISH! If you are their Just enjoy.

  1. Roshan de Kulfi

Anyone who has lived in this city and visited Karol Bagh must have had the famous Kulfi Faluda at Roshan de Kulfi. But that is not the end of it, this place also serves eclectic varieties of food like chhole bhaturas and other snacks. One may have to wait for while before they can place an order for the Kulfi’s on a busy day but then this place is mostly busy.

  1. Frontier Restaurant

If you ever feel like eating authentic North Indian vegetarian food then this should be on your bucket list because they only use pure Ghee to make all their dishes which can be a huge problem for your cholesterol. But as my father would say “you live only once” so there is nothing wrong in indulging once in a while.

  1. Changezi

People will swear by the Chicken Dishes served in this place and is known for its Tandoori Chicken and Mutton Korma. Just walk by this place and one can smell the aroma which forces people towards it like the sirens of Greek mythology. Only difference once you had your fill you get to leave.

  1. Ganash Restaurant

If you want to eat fish then this is one of the few restaurants in Delhi NCR where you will get very delicious Fish Fry and Fish Tandoori served with green chutney. Also you will get egg pakora and pretty decent Kababs. Not much for ambiance but it more than compensates for the food one gets to eat here.

  1. Punjab Sweet Corner

This place has some of the best snacks one could eat and often people throng to this place for quick bite. One can have variety of food items from Golgappa chaat and Dahi Bhalla to stuffed Paranthas of Aloo (potato) or Paneer (Cottage cheese). Also one can enjoy grilled sandwich burgers and chowmein making this place a kind of Indian version of fast food.

  1. Om Corner Chhole Bhature

The name itself is dead giveaway but has to be mentioned because they kind of live up to the expectation of the food served in this place. The Bhature’s are very crisp and I think they use premium oil to fry them.

Other honorable mentions are Khurana Restaurant, Karim’s, Shudh & Prem Dhaba. Now there are several places one can grab a quick bite like Mcdee, Pizza Hut & KFC but something about the places which I used to visit every time we went for shopping just makes me happy.

Soon a new app will be launched called Faagio and it will not only talk about listings of restaurants but also bit about history. For the time being if you are in Karol Bagh, do try these places, they are one of a Kind.


If the characters, places and events of this allegorical short story remind you of real life people and happenings, let me assure you, dear reader, they were meant to.