Eager to know as indicated by Google which are the main 10 trending destinations for 2020? As per the information accumulated from the internet search engine, the hotel search on Google between January to December 2019 for the bookings of 2020 came down the main 10 trending destinations. Google analyzed the information from 2018 and the destination positioning from 2019 to 2020.

Da Nang, the beachfront city in Vietnam surprisingly tops the list. The sandy seashores and the Marble Mountains have an amazing perspective which makes the city rank first in the list. Sao Paulo which is the budgetary centre in Brazil positions second in the list. Sao Paulo is known for plentiful cultural institutes and famous design conventions. Seoul, the capital of South Korea is the third city in the list, trailed by Tokyo in Japan and Tel Aviv in Israel. Seoul stands apart for its social and creative attractions. While Tokyo is renowned for the exhibition halls which feature old-style craftsmanship. Tokyo is considered as the best city due to its delectable nourishment and nature scenes which draw in the sightseers.

Tel Aviv which is situated on Israel's Mediterranean coast positions fifth in the list. The 6th spot from France and it is surely not Paris. Marseille is a port city in France which positions 6th. Followed by Vienna in Austria, Bangkok in Thailand, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The tenth city is Australia's capital and biggest city, Perth.

For a particular nation, it is better if individuals travel during a great time. The ''best time to visit'' search shows the climate, crowd, and budget for a specific city. At the point when the client is scanning for the hotel for specific dates, specific cities, the internet search engine is empowered with the filter of low, medium and high spending lodging. The filter likewise permits the client to choose appropriate choices relying upon their requirements of the hotel.

Google listed these 10 destinations as the trending ones in 2020 –

        1. Da Nang, Vietnam

         2. Sao Paulo, Brazil

        3. Seoul, South Korea      

         4. Tokyo, Japan   

         5. Tel Aviv, Israel    

        6. Marseille, France 

        7. Vienna, Austria

        8. Bangkok, Thailand        

        9. Dubai, UAE        

         10. Perth, Australia      

Finally, you wait to get this list is over. Now, get ready, pack your bags and you are all set to go and explore.