300 Terror Suspects Under Arrest In Pakistan

After the Peshawar school attacks the Pakistan's security forces have arrested more than 300 terror suspects, including foreigners, in a crackdown against militants in the capital Islamabad according to latest reports from Press Trust of India. The attack carried out by the Pakistan Taliban was one of the worst in history and total 148 people were killed which involved 132 students.

The Pakistan claimed this operation was an “intelligence-based operations,” after they the government had executed two convicted terrorists. Many of the arrested suspects are foreigners who have been living in Pakistan for a long time as it is a safe haven for them and America cannot attack them. Many people in Pakistan support these types of crackdown on Taliban and now since the Nawaz Sharif government has made it clear it no longer distinguish between good Taliban and bad Taliban it seems the screws will get more tight on the entire Taliban network form both Pakistan and Afghan border.

Though the Afghan Taliban has condemned the attack on the school in Peshawar by its sister concern the Pak Taliban, however it is believed by many that if both the Afghan and Pak Taliban face heat jointly they could join forces because they are kin and mostly Pashto.