5 Interesting Developments Across The World Over This Week

Covid-19 taught us a lot of things and patience is one of them. So, if you want to know about the things and developments that happened around every corner of the world last week then you are exactly where you need to be. But not to mention all these incidents are from different parts or countries around the world and nothing is interconnected. 

Covid-19 Researches

Talking can spread awareness about it among people. Because of this global pandemic, the whole world stopped for a few months. As a new disease, it was so uncertain to tell people specific things about it. But as WHO, that is World Health Organization kept researching on this topic new and important information started to reveal. But the main concern is of its medicine. Though there are no dedicated medicine or vaccine to cure Covid-19 and scientists are trying their best to make it as soon as possible. But there are some basic safety measures and home remedies that you can do to boost your immunity that would save you from catching COVID-19. 

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Black Lives Matter Movement

If you are not aware of the Black Lives Matter Movement then you must take a look at it right now. The brutal killing of a black man named George Floyd triggered this movement recently. The whole world is angry and doing riots and protests in the US. People even took social media to talk about this discrimination. Humans should be judged by their abilities and behaviour, not their skin colour. A lot of celebrities are joining in the movement to show support and fight against racism.  

The Murder of the Pregnant Elephant

The murder that took place in the village of Kerala in India is something very disturbing. So apparently a bunch of men in the village of Kerala put firecrackers in pineapple and fed it to a pregnant elephant. Animal lovers around India and even outside India is protesting against it in every way they can. According to the recent reports, one of the main culprits has been arrested and held captive for what this crime. 

NASA revealed pictures of Pluto showing Mountains in it

In a recent announcement NASA, the space research centre released some pictures of Pluto. According to these 100 pictures, Pluto has evidence of clear mountain in it. NASA's spacecraft flew for more than 9 years to collect information on Pluto. It had to travel 3 billion miles to reach Pluto.  

Canada and the Netherlands against Abortion Ban

After the US President Donald Trump banned abortion in the US a lot of countries are raising voices against it. Countries like the Netherlands were always very vocal on the topic and how it helps millions of women to overcome difficulties regarding abortion. Recently Canada also joined the Netherlands in this serious issue.  

These are some of the most important incidents that took place around the world over this week.