Aerial Bombardment On ISIS Target Has Begun

This United States Military has resumed bombing of suspected ISIS targets in South West of Baghdad, Iraq in the wake of two journalists from the U.S and one from the United Kingdom who were brutally excruciated according to the BBC news.

The attack began 5 days after the President of the U.S Barack Obama said he plans to “degrade and destroy ISIS”. This speech was given on the eve of 9/11 terror attacks, which is a very emotional day for many Americans. The operation is being handled by the American Central Command and in a statement said "The air strike south-west of Baghdad was the first taken as part of our expanded efforts beyond protecting our own people and humanitarian missions to hit ISIL targets as Iraqi forces go on offence, as outlined in the president's speech last Wednesday."

Before this strike was carried out many more sorties have already been undertaken by U.S air force and navy fighter jets simply to protect the ground personal and refugees who if captured would face certain death.

At present the targets which are being stuck are only within the Iraqi territory and could possible expand into Syria at a later stage. However that could prove difficult since the Syrian government will say it is a violation of their air space and sovereignty. But it would be strategically useless only to bomb ISIS in Iraq and then Syria becomes a safe refuge for them and in his speech President Obama had already made it clear that when it comes to targeting ISIS the thought of which country they are in will not be a factor.

Already a broad consensus is being formed to get ISIS and once that is finalized, the air strike will intensify further and slowly ground troops will also come into action.